Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's been so hectic lately, I've been working non-stop. I haven't even had the chance to post a blog in Nick's simple wins, but I got a bit of time right now to post on here something. It won't be just about ONE subject, it'll be a bunch of stuff scrambled together, I hope that's okay with you.

In one of my LA's show I brought a little girl on stage that had a sign that read "Diabetic", that made me smile, I got her on stage with me and talked to her for a bit. I think is amazing how strong she was to go to a concert and show someone that she's a diabetic. It was such a beautiful thing, and she came up to me and I just had to give her a huge hug. It was seriously one of my favorite shows having her there, and having her come up on stage with me and talk to me about it. I gave her a rose afterwards. It was really cool.

Also another thing amazing thing that happened, this girl came up to me and gave me a plastic rose and said she had a surprise for me and that the rose was a clue. When I came on stage singing Rose Garden EVERYONE had a rose. I was blown away, it was just WOW, this little girl got the band and people in the crowd to have a rose. It was seriously such a sweet gesture and so beautiful of her to do that.

This kind of things really make me smile and make my day, my fans are incredible, I seriously have the most AMAZING fans in the world. This tour has been such an amazing experience for me and I'm so happy to have you all as my fans, you have no idea how much those simple things make me smile. Just seeing you enjoy my music and sing along. Those things always make me smile, and for you guys to go out of your way to do something like the "rose girl" did, it is so amazing. I love you all. I truly do. All my hard work pays off and its just so amazing. Thank you.

They made a trending topic #thankyounickj and they would say "Thank you for being you" "Thank you for blessing us with your music" and just so many sweet things, that its just wow I don't even know how to thank you. I don't even know what to SAY so you know how amazing I feel just seeing those little things, they mean much more to me than you think and I'm just so amazed and thankful of you guys. That you're not only fans but FRIENDS to me, I'm just really blown away by you, and I will continue working hard for you all, and give my all for you. I'll give you every piece of my heart and my feelings so you can relate and just listen and have a good time. But from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. You're ALL amazing. You make this so worth it. The hard work, the early mornings, the sore throaths, you all make it so worth it. God bless you.

While all of this happened, I went through a rough patch with someone that's close to me. My best friend, we went through tough times. And we fought a lot and it was a huge roller coaster for both us. We just kept fighting, we literally couldn't stand each other almost. Everything we said turned out in a fight. But a few days ago we got over it, we talked, and we're just as close as before. I love this person SO much, you have no idea, and I was misunderstanding their actions and being selfish. I didn't notice they felt that way and it was WRONG, so WRONG for not being there for them more. They're truly such a HUGE piece of my heart, the one piece that could never be replaced. No one could ever take their place in my eyes. In my heart. Even through the rough times, I think our history is beautiful. This person is my inspiration. And even if they don't know this I feel lost when they're gone. I don't show it, but I have conflicts with myself when they're not with me. It's hard living without the one person you KNOW they'll have your back, they'll be there through every broken heart, through every great thing that happens, through everything. And I've been taking that for granted but I won't anymore. I know I can run to them anytime the lights go off, they'll lit up the room. And they'll receive me with open arms to warm me up if I ever get cold. I just want to say that no one will ever replace that, no one CAN replace that. I hope they know that. I hope they know they've always been my guide and that I love them with all my heart.

A lot of people have been complaning about Selena being at so many of my shows. But the real question is why do you care so much? She's there for me, I love that. I love having her at my shows, and seeing her sing along to my music. It makes me so happy that she's there for me. She's such a beautiful girl, cut her some SLACK. She's never done anything to you for you to treat her like she's dirt. She's one of the most amazing people I know. And I'm happy being as close as I am to her. I wouldn't trade it for anything. She's amazing.

I hate rumors. I hate gossip. It is so sad to me that many people live for them. Rumors and gossip are just THAT, rumors and gossip. They don't necessarily have to be RIGHT. They're just people trying to sell their magazines and pictures. Don't buy into their crap, is not worth it. Trust me guys, it truly isn't. There are people that can't seriously go on a DAY without going to a gossip site. It kinda sucks in the sense that I have to always clear up untrue stuff, and I'm tired of it. I'm TIRED of always having to speak out and say "That's not true". Don't buy into their crap. Please. They're always rude, and untrue. "I need a picture to believe." pictures can be part of THEIR crap. They take something that LOOKS like something happened and BAM is rumor and a "reliable" gossip. None of it is reliable whether it has a picture or not. They're just pictures. You can get ANY story from one picture. You've been in english class, don't they give you a picture and tell you to write a story from it? That's exactly what the gossip sites do. Its nothing but fake crap. Think about it.

My CD comes out in just a days!! aren't you excited?? I'm SO stoked that its finally coming out! I'm so so happy that people are finally getting a copy and I can't wait for you to learn the songs. I can't WAIT to go on another tour with the administration and all that. You have no idea how happy and anxious I am. I hope you enjoy it, I worked hard on it.

Season 2 of JONAS, we're gonna start working on it soon! We're happy to go back to work with Chelsea and Nicole, and the rest of the cast. We can't wait to go back to work, and share some laughs and get experience from it.

Camp Rock 2! will be out this summer! my brothers and I star in it along with Demi Lovato (one of our awesome best friends), new songs, a NEW camp, dun dun dun, and new moves. Demi and Joe have another duet, their voices are so powerful and beautiful. This new movie will hopefully be BETTER Than the first one.

My brothers and I are planning a second world tour with the Jonas Brothers, new music? (Wink, wink) New guitars and everything! we haven't fully sat down and discussed everything, but we will once the tour with the Administration is over.

Kevin and Danielle, I haven't actually said anything about THEM and I feel like I should. I love them. They're amazing together, they're seriously meant for each other. They're such a beautiful couple, and so supportive of each other. I'm sure their "the one" for one another. I'm so happy for them, and I hope they spend the rest of their lives together. They deserve it. They love each other SO much and it reflects. Congratulations Kev and Dani. You're beautiful. I'm proud of you.

I feel like I'm leaving so much stuff out.. I'm such a forgetful person sometimes.. but someone made a cake that's calling my name and making my stomach growl and I really want to eat it! So I'm going to do that and I'll hopefully tell you MORE stuff.

Anyways! once again, thank YOU. You're amazing.


P.S. What do you see when you look in the sky? I'm not talking about what meets the eye.


  1. you are so cute :-)
    i would love to know selena gomez, i think she is an awesome peroson :-)

  2. You're an amazing person, Nick.
    You're my hero, even if you don't know it.
    I am glad you're happy and that God has blessed you, you truly deserve it.
    I can't wait for the CD, I pre-ordered it, so I am counting down on my calender and staying up late just to be awake when it gets to my door =)
    Just know that the faithful fans (like myself and my AWESOME BFF BECCA) love you and don't believe stupid rumors.
    Much love and God's Blessings,
    Love always,

  3. Bbeauty in th world and that time goes by fast just like the clouds as they float away into the distance.

  4. Psalm 19... that's what I think of when I see the sky. The first verse says "the heavens declare the glory of God, the skies proclaim the work of His hands".

    In a way, you remind me of the sky... declare the glory of God, and proclaim the work of HIS hands in everything you do!

    I love you and I am always praying for you!

  5. Nick, another awesome blog, another awesome gift that you share w/ all of us! Thank you. I love reading your thoughts. You are the best. I just wanna say too, that I am truly happy for you and your best friend patching it all up. Life is sincerely too short - I mean that. Hang onto the special ones with all your heart and soul. I hope Selena can fluff off much of the critics out there. She brings you a smile and you enjoy her company, and that is a very good thing. She should be admired for doing that.

    I hope now that you may have just a small amount of time to rest and re-energize before starting on your show. You certainly have earned a rest Nick! Thanks again for all the shows - I was one of the fortunate ones who got the chance to take my daughter out to see you - thanks so much. We'll def be in the stores on Tuesday buying the album!! So looking forward to hearing the whole thing in its pristine version!!!

    Take care buddy. You truly *are* a wonderful friend.!! -Gina

  6. You're amazing nick!!! i was at the berkeley concert last night and I was blown away!! you are seriously awesome on stage as well as an awesome person! and how u brought the little girl on stage who has diabetes was precious! she was soo excited that you did that. AS for the roses we threw on stage--that was awesome! that girl had such a good idea! well have fun tonight at the grammys! I know it'll be a blast :)
    Love Paige

    ps who CARES if selena is there?? it's called being a supportive girlfriend. geez. ppl need to get over themselves and stop the criticism for 5 seconds. xoxo