Sunday, February 7, 2010


Do we ever know what life is all about? living? No, I don't think you were given a life just to live it like is nothing. We're all human, right? We all make mistakes, we all do stupid things, we all say things we don't mean sometimes when we're upset. Its all true and sometimes you can't change the past. But, what I don't understand how is it so right for someone to make the same mistakes over and over KNOWING its just the same thing over again. I don't understand it, do they enjoy in? I get making mistakes comes with growing. I make mistakes everyday of my life. But I don't UNDERSTAND why is making the SAME mistake such a big "thrill" for some people. Its just tiring and stupid to me. And CHILDISH.

I may be too mature, or maybe just not mature at all. But my point of view on things have changed over the past few months. I used to be okay with repeating a story and making someone happy doing stuff their way. But honestly I'm just SICK and tired of the same routine now. I hate telling myself over and over "That's what she said." All. The.Time. I remind myself to not take too seriously what anyone says when they're having their "moment". Okay, cool if you want to do the same mistakes, if you want to say things in the spare of the moment. Go ahead. But don't say it so much it comes out sounding like bullcrap.

A lot of you must be thinking "He is upset." Yes, I admit. I'm upset. I'm beyond pissed. Because I've been put where I was a year ago. In the same position, same story. I am happy with most of it, I've BEEN happy. I have. But I feel like I'm walking on a safe path! I'm not learning anything from it! I don't even know what the hell I want. Its stupid, I'm confused now. I'm so mad, upset and confused. Because I thought I wanted to be where I am, but now I'm just NOT SURE anymore! I'm caught between these stupid feelings. But once again, I'm human. MAYBE this is my mistake, maybe I'm the one that's wrong. But I can't help the way I feel, I just can't. This is just something thats bothering me so much. I want to make sure I'm happy years from now. Not oblivious to the world, and how it works. I'm just.. I don't know.

I would love it if you commented this and tell me what you thought afterwards. ALL of you, tell me what you think of this and how you see it.



  1. If you're not TRULY happy inside, then you have to take a step back and rethink everything.

    I know you love your life and it's normal to love it, because you've worked hard to be where you are at such a young age, you're very mature and wise for a seventeen year old man.

    But, honestly, if you aren't happy then you need to take a breather. You're stressing too much and I can say that as a fan/friend/supporter I'd rather see you healthy than miserable.

    I think if you feel this way sometimes and it goes away, it might be just aggravation with the little things that annoy you, but if this is something serious, you need to think about your health and happiness.

    Talk to god, talk to anyone that can give you some insight, and I am always here if you ever need to talk.

    Love always,

  2. PS; None of your feelings are stupid. They're normal, don't ever feel like feelings are stupid.

    And what you're feeling doesn't make you any less mature, it makes you MORE mature for being man enough to admit them.


  3. ok so, Nick...
    i really don't know what you are talking about and maybe i don't even wanna know...
    but from what i can seem confused...
    and when we are confused, the best we can do is to listen to our hearts, no matter how cheesy or how hard it is.
    i think you have to think about every single thing you've done that brought you to "this" position you are into, and choose neither if u wanna stay there or not.
    sometimes it can be hard for us to make a decision like this, even more if it can change a lot of our lifes, that's what we have to look at...will i get more better things out of this, or bad? because obviously, whatever decision you make, there will be good things and bad things that you can get out of u just have to do what you FEEL that is going to be better for you. do whatever you feel like doing. it doesn't matter what other people say, because it's YOU the one who made the decision and it's YOU the one who needs this the most.

    i don't know if that helped or not, but i did my best, :). and i want you to know that no matter what, i (along with all of your REAL fans and family and friends) am/are here for you, no matter what, always.


  4. Nick,

    First of all, I am sorry you are in such a difficult position right now. Sometimes life puts us in places or situations of conflict, and it's obviously difficult for us to see the best way out of the situation. But I promise you, you'll figure it out.

    I think it's incredibly mature of you to admit that you're going through a difficult time right now, and you don't know what the right decision is. What I think would be best is to talk to God. Obviously it's simple, but it will help. God knows what is on your heart, and he will help you find the right answer. You seem to be an incredibly intelligent and mature person, and that's why I have confidence that you will work this all out. If you listen to your heart, you will make the right decision.

    Life is about making mistakes, and learning from them, so that you don't make those mistakes again. Perhaps if you feel you're making a mistake you've already made, then you haven't learned the lesson you were supposed to learn from it. I think the best thing you can do is just be patient.

    And as always, I will always be here like all of your fans to support you. We're here for you Nick.

    ~Becca <3

  5. Hey nick..
    I think you just need to really take a breather... relax. You may find that everything right now is really all weighing you down and really everything is on your sholders but soon enough you will look back at this and realize how far you have come. Stay strong and Keep on moving. You will over come whatever this is...
    I Hope and pray all the best for you.

    - Love Katie.

  6. Dear Nick,
    I don't know if you're talking about your relationship with Selena or if it's something TOTALLY different and I just can't tell, but honestly, whatever you feel is right you should do. Life is WAAAAAAAYYY too short to waste on things your heart isn't 100% in and in the future I'm sure you don't want to look back and be even more upset with yourself for making the mistake of not changing this situation you're so upset with. I don't know if I'm making any sense, but I hope you really truly listen to your heart with this one, even if it means doing something that might hurt someone else or yourself for a little bit. It's never worth it to put pain on yourself to make others happy. Even if you think it's the right thing to do in your MIND, it might not be the right thing to do if you listen to your HEART. and you shouldn't have to put up with the same routine that's going on if it's causing you distress. hopefully you find some advice out of that and it relates to your situation at least a little bit. Please know that we (your fans) love you and are always here to give advice and will listen whenever! good luck Nicholas <3

  7. I’m not exactly sure of your situation so I’m finding it hard to think of something so say, but I feel like its important for me to say SOMETHING because I understand the feeling of not being happy where you are at in life. The most important thing is your happiness. As long as you are happy with what your doing or with the people you are with everything will end up falling into place. Things just have a way of working themselves out and if you are feeling stuck or trapped you just have to remember that. If you are not feeling fulfilled in whatever you are doing or whatever situation you are in then you need to take a step back and figure out what it is. You may need to do a WHOLE lot of soul searching and learn a lot of things about yourself to find out what the right thing is for you. But I guarentee eventually everything in your life will just fall into place. Things happen to everyone at a different pace and everyone is different and everyone changes at different point in their lives; sometimes because of certain experiences they have gone through or just because of the people they have been around. In my life I have gone through a lot of changes because of difficult things I have gone through personally. It made me change my way of thinking, my interests, it made me become more true to myself and who I am. I ended up spending a lot of time with myself and learning things about myself and became a different person. I would never change anything because the things that I have gone through have molded me into this person that I am today and the person I am today understands the value of happiness and family and staying true to who you are and not who others want you to be. Right now I feel so stuck in my life because I am at a certain spot in my life that other people around me have already passed and I’m still working to complete, but compared to most people my age I know way more about myself and understand more than I can imagine. I’m not going to say what I went through on here for the public but if you would like to talk more about just let me know, because if you are going through something similar at all I know how important it is to talk to someone that understands or who has gone through it themselves. I didn’t have anyone around me that understood what I was dealing with so I felt very isolated. Luckily I’m not too comftorable with this “stuck”, “trapped”, and “isolated” feeling so its pushing me to go a bit out of my comfort zone and become more ambitious and driven to accomplish some things and take the next step in my life to a place where I know I will be closer to something that will make me happy. I hope that whatever you are trying to figure out you take time for yourself and figure it out. I only wish you happiness and fulfillment.
    If you ever need to talk to anyone or have some questions for me my twitter is Amhopetriplet90 and email is
    You always have a friend and confidant in me if you ever need one,

  8. NJ, not sure where you went? but just in case:

  9. NICK.
    what happened?
    last thing i knew we were talking about baking cookies and then BANG u dissapeard!
    please don't!

  10. At some point in our lives, we are all faced with a crossroad of some type or another. The important thing is to remember that these inevitable turning points present positive opportunities to live life anew and recreate our lives. Despite reassurances life does not offer guarantees. It is capricious. Having all the materialistic things you can and a good heart and good head on your shoulders does not mean things will go smoothly. When standing at life’s crossroads you don’t necessarily know which way is the best. One road may mean happiness, another adventure, and yet another means safety and security. It takes heart to be alive in the world. You have both, courage and heart; do not be afraid to express either.

  11. Nicholas:

    Actually this is a moment of confusion, it is normal and is very brave and mature of you to admit it and with their fans, sometimes we all have a time when we know what we want, we are simply confused, but what must be clear is that life does not always difficult situations, Which do not cost much to make decisions, we do not know if that decision will be correct, but the best advice I can give you is to follow your heart always guides us to this truth and the good way, guide us to what we'll be better for us, and always have full trust in God. good luck in everything ...

    Honestly ...

  12. Nick,
    You sound like you are frustrated and confused with where your life is going.I am almost 21 and sometimes I question my life choices.I wish I had all the answers.With maturity you can choose to put your foot down and refuse to life in mediocrity.Continue to strive to be the best person you can be.Your happiness matters.

    God Bless

  13. Oh and...Did you delete your @NickyJonas twitter?

  14. if you can manage it, now would be the perfect time to go to someplace nobody knows you, like somewhere in africa, and do some sort of humanitarian work. get in touch with the UNHCR, they are frankly THE best charitible organization out there. if you lose yourself in service, you'll find yourself.

  15. Dear Nick, please just take a moment to step back and decide what it is you want from life... Even if that means ending any relationships that you may have. "You want someone to love you for who you are" but i don't think you truly know yourself yet. That might bring a lot of heartache to some people. Because while i know that you love them, I cannot longer believe that you are IN Love withe them. You want an impossible dream, the perfect life, and there is no such thing. Only when you know yourself completely, you will know what you want, and how to get it, and be happy and content. I only hope you don't end up losing your heart's desire to late because of confusion and old feelings that you think are true and what's meant to be when in reality it was a moment that was and never will be. I don't know if I'm making sense but I just felt this is what I wanted to say.

    Take care and God bless

  16. Nick, Stay the course for now. Don't look back. Move forward. God will decide in the end if you let Him. Be well. Be happy.

  17. If you keep taking water from a well and never replensigh it, the well will eventually run dry.

    Life is like a ferris wheel. Sometimes we're up on top, sometimes at the bottom, but mostly we stop somewhere inbetween. When Life gets overwhelming, go back to the basics. Talk to God through prayer, listen to his answer by reading the scriptures and applying his words to your life. The answers are in there. Decide what is extra luggage and you can give away and let it go. Decide what is most important and hold it close. Take time for yourself to just relax and do the things you enjoy.

    You can't burn a candle from both ends. But If you should ever burn out... Step back and just breathe for awhile. Pace yourself. You'll be up and running at your quickened pace again, but with more confidence and without the confusion.

    Did it ever occur to you, that you were the mature one?!?! Sometimes, a person's heart says one direction and their head says another. Everyone faces internal conflicts at some point. If one keeps making the same mistake, they aren't ready to move forward yet, even if part of them feels that would be the right way to go. Don't be someone's crutch. If they are making a choice, they should be responsible for the outcome of that decision, not you.

    We all have sorrow, or we wouldn't know what it was to be happy. You have a great attitude on life. Keep moving forward. And take a breather now and then. Still not satisfied, count your blessings, name them one by one. Then reach out and give service to those in need worse off than you. The joy will fill your heart again, the clouds will lift and the future will be bright!