Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Vent

Okay.. so the title of this is kinda.. well gay to say the least, but its not BAD. I'm happy! I'm currently in bed eating candy and watching movies, and just enjoying being lazy :D WOO for laziness. Amazing. ANYWAYS, I am kinda congested... which is not as good. But there's something here keeping me occupied and happy.. and yeah, ANYWAYS!! So you know.. I'm here trying to think of something to blog about so is not something pointless and have you all hate me because is just.. words and then the blog not having a point. But it does have a point! and at the same time it doesn't! Because, I'm happy! and that's the point! but the BLOG is not an actual subject D:

So on to what I'm watching.. I was watching Scooby Doo on ABC family and now I'm watching Flinstons! I haven't seen these movies in forever!
So I'm kinda with someone special, sharing candy and watching these movies. We're laughing, and we're both kinda sick so.. its cool. In pajamas, its all good. My bed is HUGE, and its covered in candy wrappers D: its a mess. The covers are all over the place, we have soda on the table. And its amazing. It's so relaxing. I haven't been this relaxed in a while. They're reading while I type this so I'm gonna turn the computer.. they're not supposed to read this yet! Lol!

I'm in LOVE with life, I'm in love with someone. I haven't felt so at peace and amazed with someone in such a long period of time and its just amazing. Her eyes remind me of EVERY color in the world. Her smile makes my heart melt in my chest. Her laugh is just contagious. Her hair is soft and amazing. Did I mention she smells like vanilla? that's my favorite scent.. EVER. Haha! Will I tell you who this is? NO. I won't :D. You probably think you know. But nope. I won't sayyy.. why? cause I'm just selfish like that. I LOVE having something to myself And someone as beautiful as she is allllllll to myself. All I'm going to tell you is that she's funny, ADORABLE, cute, beautiful, sexy. Her voice is amazing, and velvety. Her lips remind me of candy. And well.. she's just beyond amazing. Go figure. :)

So the album is been out for a bit NOW. How cool?I'm SO excited! :) And STAY will be released sometime next month! I'm stoked!!

We Are The World was released yesterday too!! So WOOOO!!! I sang Billy Joel's part, how awesome? Billy Joel's like one of the best singers, and best talents ever. And of course the song was written by none other than Michael Jackson, what a BRILLIANT man he was. He was truly one of a kind. He had a heart of gold. I'm so proud that I was part of such a master piece.

ANYWAYS someone here is telling me to hurry up >.> So I'll make this short and sweet I guess.

I love my fans, I love my life, I love who's in it, I love what I'm doing.


OHH and P.S. I love you

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


WOW, I'm VERY pleased with some amazing news I just got. Who I Am sold 80,000 copies! Guys you are the MOST amazing fans in the world. I NEVER in a million years expected it getting SO big. I'm SO happy, and just wow. It is currently number 3 in the 200 billboard, and that's absolutely amazing. I'm so proud of my work, and how everyone responded to it. I honestly can't believe how big Nick Jonas and The Administration got and just.. wow, its amazing. I'm truly stunned.
I was SO nervous about this project because its something thats so close to ME, that project is me, my lyrics, my FEELINGS, and my music, and just seeing people relating to it and enjoying it. Its just wonderful. I cannot stop smiling right now.

I know I made over a million dollars with the Who I Am Tour, and NOW the record selling so many copies. I'm just in shock. I worked so hard into getting this done, I poured my soul into this project. I love this, you have no idea guys. I'm SO happy, and its just wow.

As you also may know I recorded "Stay" a few weeks ago. Everyone LOVED the song, and I can say that is my favorite song that I've written. Everyone is fighting over who the song is about, and I once AGAIN say, it shouldn't matter. That song is about someone that I love, that is MY inspiration, that is MY everything. And that's for ME to know and you to wonder about. You might think you have it all figured out, and you THINK you know who this is about, but truly you guys have NO idea. You have no idea how I feel, or what I was thinking when I wrote it.
I love this song, and I hope you feel like you can relate to it. Its my own favorite. I enjoy singing it, I enjoy performing it. And I'm happy that all of you get to hear it.

Anyways, like I said a few days ago I am SUPER content with life. Everything is so amazing, and I'm so happy with everything.

Valentine's Day is coming soon! And I have NO idea what I'm gonna do. I'm the kinda person that waits until the day, because if you PLAN something you might change your mind after. A lot of people go to the movies, or dinner, etc. And sounds like a plan. I'm more of the kinda person that likes to wait, do it randomly. I like doing spontaneous things, it doesn't make it any less romantic, it just makes it more interesting. Valentine's Day is just about spending the day with your special someone. Why do something you ALWAYS do? make it more interesting. Decide what you're gonna do after. That's what I'll do! It'll be very fun, and memorable.

Anyways! that's a lot of rambling right there. So, once again THANK YOU. You're the best fans in the world. Have fun with your "significant other" on Valentine's Day! I love you all very much.


P.S. Rainbows are beautiful.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Twitter: Deleted?

yes, I deleted NickyJonas for personal issues. However, I will keep this blog. I will keep updating you about myself, and some things.
I don't know if I want nickyjonas back, maybe. As of now, I'll keep nickjonas and update you from there. I'll schedule some livechats, we'll do some Q&A all from here. I don't know. We'll see.

Before you ask of anything, I'm really HAPPY. I fixed some things with someone. I can guarantee you I AM as happy as I can be. I can't say too much. But I'm feeling a lot better than I did last night. We'll see how things work out. I MIGHT make another account like Nickyjonas in the future, I don't KNOW, yet. It all depends on how I might feel in the future.

Also, I want to say Super Bowl game was AMAZING! one of the best games I've watched.. on a SPECIAL day too. I'm pretty much gonna remember that day for a LONG time. Anyway, I just wanted to catch you up on that, and that I LOVE you all who stuck up for me, and that have been there from the beginning.

We'll see how the twitter thing goes. You're the best fans in the world, I know I say that a LOT, but its true. You're all the reason I am where I am. You made ME, I love you. I truly do, and I hope you know that.

God bless you,

P.S. I love when smiles reach your eyes.

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Do we ever know what life is all about? living? No, I don't think you were given a life just to live it like is nothing. We're all human, right? We all make mistakes, we all do stupid things, we all say things we don't mean sometimes when we're upset. Its all true and sometimes you can't change the past. But, what I don't understand how is it so right for someone to make the same mistakes over and over KNOWING its just the same thing over again. I don't understand it, do they enjoy in? I get making mistakes comes with growing. I make mistakes everyday of my life. But I don't UNDERSTAND why is making the SAME mistake such a big "thrill" for some people. Its just tiring and stupid to me. And CHILDISH.

I may be too mature, or maybe just not mature at all. But my point of view on things have changed over the past few months. I used to be okay with repeating a story and making someone happy doing stuff their way. But honestly I'm just SICK and tired of the same routine now. I hate telling myself over and over "That's what she said." All. The.Time. I remind myself to not take too seriously what anyone says when they're having their "moment". Okay, cool if you want to do the same mistakes, if you want to say things in the spare of the moment. Go ahead. But don't say it so much it comes out sounding like bullcrap.

A lot of you must be thinking "He is upset." Yes, I admit. I'm upset. I'm beyond pissed. Because I've been put where I was a year ago. In the same position, same story. I am happy with most of it, I've BEEN happy. I have. But I feel like I'm walking on a safe path! I'm not learning anything from it! I don't even know what the hell I want. Its stupid, I'm confused now. I'm so mad, upset and confused. Because I thought I wanted to be where I am, but now I'm just NOT SURE anymore! I'm caught between these stupid feelings. But once again, I'm human. MAYBE this is my mistake, maybe I'm the one that's wrong. But I can't help the way I feel, I just can't. This is just something thats bothering me so much. I want to make sure I'm happy years from now. Not oblivious to the world, and how it works. I'm just.. I don't know.

I would love it if you commented this and tell me what you thought afterwards. ALL of you, tell me what you think of this and how you see it.