Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday Detroit was wonderful. I had so much fun performing there, my fans were so loud and just wow, it was such a rush. It was truly SO amazing, I'm so happy. However, people are making such a BIG deal that I didn't sing Before The Storm last night and that Selena Gomez was there... I LOVE doing different songs at my shows and changing it up a bit! Everyone started assuming that I wanted my BEST FRIEND back as a girlfriend. Guys, you don't KNOW what I want. Honestly, Before The Storm is one of my favorite songs and I love performing it. And I didn't last night, but it wasn't because Selena was there? That's ridiculous any of you would even think that.

It just saddens me that so many people fight over who's better if Selena or Miley, and honestly they're both so amazing in their own, UNIQUE way. Everything has to start a drama, guys I'm so happy. I have such beautiful people in my lfe. It's MY life, and I'm so happy with it, and refreshed and I loved having Selena there with me and seeing her enjoy the show, smile, laugh, cry during each song! she enjoyed the music and felt it, and that's such a wonderful feeling to me. That someone that's so close in my heart could relate to each song and respond to them. I saw her dance, scream, sing the lyrics, and it just made me smile and very happy that she was there, and that she was having such a wonderful time. But you really have got to STOP with the who is better if is Miley or Selena. They're BOTH wonderful and beautiful. I love them both with all my heart, and nothing YOU say is going to change my mind. You can keep sending those letters telling me who to date, or who is better for me. But the person that KNOWS who's better for me and the person that knows who I want is myself. And that's that, and that's how it is staying. Am I dating someone? Maybe. Am I happy? YES, I'm super happy. Do I love Selena? Yes, I do. Do I love Miley? Yes, I do. Leave it at that? Leave me alone with that, please. That's all I ask for.

Anyways, last nights show was wonderful and special. Every show is special. My fans make it so much more amazing, I truly love seeing you guys sing along and just enjoy the show, and I hope I can continue making you smile, laugh, dance, sing, cry, and feel any emotion during a song. I love you all! You're truly the BEST fans in the world.


P.S. I have Yellow Submarine stuck in my head! Help! haha! : )


  1. Don't worry Nick, out of all the fans that talk drama, there's just as many and more who know just how you feel. And many who agree that because you are so happy with your life, that's all that matters. That's whats important. Love, Life, Peace, and Happiness. Oh, and music. :) I love art, that's another story.


  2. Hahaha yellow submarine (8) why are you having that song stuck in ur head?lol. I think...nobody shouldn't be trying to tell you what to do u.u you're still young (like fans) and if you're dating someone, that's normal, and everybody else have to accept you're going to marry someday with the special person God is going to give to you as a beautiful gift haha aaww <3. Well...that's all I wanted to say =D God bless U take care...

  3. Hi Nick!! My name is Giuliana. I love your music... i want thank you Because me happy with your brothers when singing and transmit you happiness.
    You're a big composer!!!!
    I love U

    P.S: sorry if i don't write well is for I don't speak English
    I hope you understand me :D
    My email is

  4. The problem with being as famous as you are, is that everyone's always nosing in you business. It's a shame that you can't even sing a song or not sing a song because some girls read so much into it.

    Don't let it get to you, some people have no life so they have so hone in on yours.

    And Yellow Submarine ? I've had ' Flightless Bird, American Mouth' by Iron and Wine in my head all day.

    Keep making music, you'll always be my hero no matter what.


  5. Yellow Submarine, lol I ALWAYS have Hey Jude stuck in my head.

    And when you are as famous as your brothers and yourself, that's a huge con, and many people do not understand that you are musician and that your music is all that matters, not who you're dating, and who the song is about. It's about the lyrics and music, and us being able to connect with it.

    I can't wait to listen to your album. :)
    God bless,

    Now I have Yellow Submarine stuck in my head...thanks. lol

  6. "Who i am" first in Radio Disney Argentina!!!

  7. I'm sorry so many people LIVE for the drama about your life. its so stupid and none of their business! I'm so glad you are having a great time on tour and I can't wait til the 30th when youre in Berkeley! Bring Selena and Miley too!!!!
    xoxo, Paige