Monday, April 26, 2010


I was just checking my formspring and I got several questions asking why I haven't updated. Truth is I'm SO busy! I literally have SO much going on right now, and it's really hard to juggle it all together. We've been in the friends for change thing with some of my close friends. I've been getting involved with so many different projects that I will tell you about soon enough, I'm really stoked about that. We've been filming J.O.N.A.S! I'm SO excited for it, I've been having a lot of fun on set with my close friends. There are a lot of guest stars, and well it's been fun. No, acting isn't a ''passion'' for me, or something that I'm willing to do for the long run. Music will always be my first and foremost. But acting is been quite a different experience.

Anyways, Kevin KILLED IT at a Minute To Win It, he was incredible, and I just wanted to say that I'm really proud of my big bro.
Also, something I wanted to address. People have been wondering if I'm dating Nicole Anderson... NO! she's a really good friend of mine. She's actually 21 years old. She's really gorgeous, and I'm flattered that people would think we're dating. She's honestly an amazing, sweet, and funny girl. We've been hanging out a lot, but because we work together. We've been to concerts and dinners just to hang out, alongside my brother and Demi. We're really close, but trust me guys, she's just a really good friend of mine.
AND for those who ALSO have been asking, YES I do live in Toluca Lake again. Isn't that awesome? I live near the Cyrus family and its amazing that we get to be neighbors again.

I can't wait till Camp Rock 2 comes out this summer!! New music, dances, and people. We all had a blast filming that. We've really become a family, and we're excited that we get to share our experience, and how much we've grown up with you through that film. It's going to be pretty awesome.
World Tour 2010! I can't believe we're going on another tour. I've missed so much being on the road with my brothers, and seeing those amazing Jonas fans. And you know what that means, right? Road Dogs season! we're ready to kick some butts. I really can't for what we have up our sleeves this summer, everything is so amazing and I'm just super stoked to be able to share all of this with the world AND my family. It's the most amazing feeling in the world. We've got new music, new looks, new guitars. It's gonna be just amazing. I hope you enjoy it as much as I know I'll enjoy it.

I wanted to remind you to go see Oceans! and remember that you actually donate to charity for every ticket. And download "Make A Wave" by Joe and Demi. All of these things will go to charity. It's going to make a change in the world, and it's just amazing. So go do that.

I don't have much time to update you guys, and I'm truly so so so sorry for that. I've been preparing so many stuff, and working SO much for you. But I promise as soon as I get a little time I WILL update you through blogging.

I also wanted to thank some fans that donated for a diabetes charity. I'm SORRY I didn't jot down your names. But if you read this blog comment them or reply me on twitter and I'll thank you there. But I really wanted to thank you guys so much for that, it's truly amazing that you guys are working for charities such as those. Or any charities at all. People like you are a blessing to the world.

So this is it for now, I really gotta go! Thank you guys SO much, and once again I'm REALLY sorry for not updating sooner.

Nick J

P.S. ''Just a pebble in the water can set a sea in motion''