Sunday, January 31, 2010


It's been so hectic lately, I've been working non-stop. I haven't even had the chance to post a blog in Nick's simple wins, but I got a bit of time right now to post on here something. It won't be just about ONE subject, it'll be a bunch of stuff scrambled together, I hope that's okay with you.

In one of my LA's show I brought a little girl on stage that had a sign that read "Diabetic", that made me smile, I got her on stage with me and talked to her for a bit. I think is amazing how strong she was to go to a concert and show someone that she's a diabetic. It was such a beautiful thing, and she came up to me and I just had to give her a huge hug. It was seriously one of my favorite shows having her there, and having her come up on stage with me and talk to me about it. I gave her a rose afterwards. It was really cool.

Also another thing amazing thing that happened, this girl came up to me and gave me a plastic rose and said she had a surprise for me and that the rose was a clue. When I came on stage singing Rose Garden EVERYONE had a rose. I was blown away, it was just WOW, this little girl got the band and people in the crowd to have a rose. It was seriously such a sweet gesture and so beautiful of her to do that.

This kind of things really make me smile and make my day, my fans are incredible, I seriously have the most AMAZING fans in the world. This tour has been such an amazing experience for me and I'm so happy to have you all as my fans, you have no idea how much those simple things make me smile. Just seeing you enjoy my music and sing along. Those things always make me smile, and for you guys to go out of your way to do something like the "rose girl" did, it is so amazing. I love you all. I truly do. All my hard work pays off and its just so amazing. Thank you.

They made a trending topic #thankyounickj and they would say "Thank you for being you" "Thank you for blessing us with your music" and just so many sweet things, that its just wow I don't even know how to thank you. I don't even know what to SAY so you know how amazing I feel just seeing those little things, they mean much more to me than you think and I'm just so amazed and thankful of you guys. That you're not only fans but FRIENDS to me, I'm just really blown away by you, and I will continue working hard for you all, and give my all for you. I'll give you every piece of my heart and my feelings so you can relate and just listen and have a good time. But from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. You're ALL amazing. You make this so worth it. The hard work, the early mornings, the sore throaths, you all make it so worth it. God bless you.

While all of this happened, I went through a rough patch with someone that's close to me. My best friend, we went through tough times. And we fought a lot and it was a huge roller coaster for both us. We just kept fighting, we literally couldn't stand each other almost. Everything we said turned out in a fight. But a few days ago we got over it, we talked, and we're just as close as before. I love this person SO much, you have no idea, and I was misunderstanding their actions and being selfish. I didn't notice they felt that way and it was WRONG, so WRONG for not being there for them more. They're truly such a HUGE piece of my heart, the one piece that could never be replaced. No one could ever take their place in my eyes. In my heart. Even through the rough times, I think our history is beautiful. This person is my inspiration. And even if they don't know this I feel lost when they're gone. I don't show it, but I have conflicts with myself when they're not with me. It's hard living without the one person you KNOW they'll have your back, they'll be there through every broken heart, through every great thing that happens, through everything. And I've been taking that for granted but I won't anymore. I know I can run to them anytime the lights go off, they'll lit up the room. And they'll receive me with open arms to warm me up if I ever get cold. I just want to say that no one will ever replace that, no one CAN replace that. I hope they know that. I hope they know they've always been my guide and that I love them with all my heart.

A lot of people have been complaning about Selena being at so many of my shows. But the real question is why do you care so much? She's there for me, I love that. I love having her at my shows, and seeing her sing along to my music. It makes me so happy that she's there for me. She's such a beautiful girl, cut her some SLACK. She's never done anything to you for you to treat her like she's dirt. She's one of the most amazing people I know. And I'm happy being as close as I am to her. I wouldn't trade it for anything. She's amazing.

I hate rumors. I hate gossip. It is so sad to me that many people live for them. Rumors and gossip are just THAT, rumors and gossip. They don't necessarily have to be RIGHT. They're just people trying to sell their magazines and pictures. Don't buy into their crap, is not worth it. Trust me guys, it truly isn't. There are people that can't seriously go on a DAY without going to a gossip site. It kinda sucks in the sense that I have to always clear up untrue stuff, and I'm tired of it. I'm TIRED of always having to speak out and say "That's not true". Don't buy into their crap. Please. They're always rude, and untrue. "I need a picture to believe." pictures can be part of THEIR crap. They take something that LOOKS like something happened and BAM is rumor and a "reliable" gossip. None of it is reliable whether it has a picture or not. They're just pictures. You can get ANY story from one picture. You've been in english class, don't they give you a picture and tell you to write a story from it? That's exactly what the gossip sites do. Its nothing but fake crap. Think about it.

My CD comes out in just a days!! aren't you excited?? I'm SO stoked that its finally coming out! I'm so so happy that people are finally getting a copy and I can't wait for you to learn the songs. I can't WAIT to go on another tour with the administration and all that. You have no idea how happy and anxious I am. I hope you enjoy it, I worked hard on it.

Season 2 of JONAS, we're gonna start working on it soon! We're happy to go back to work with Chelsea and Nicole, and the rest of the cast. We can't wait to go back to work, and share some laughs and get experience from it.

Camp Rock 2! will be out this summer! my brothers and I star in it along with Demi Lovato (one of our awesome best friends), new songs, a NEW camp, dun dun dun, and new moves. Demi and Joe have another duet, their voices are so powerful and beautiful. This new movie will hopefully be BETTER Than the first one.

My brothers and I are planning a second world tour with the Jonas Brothers, new music? (Wink, wink) New guitars and everything! we haven't fully sat down and discussed everything, but we will once the tour with the Administration is over.

Kevin and Danielle, I haven't actually said anything about THEM and I feel like I should. I love them. They're amazing together, they're seriously meant for each other. They're such a beautiful couple, and so supportive of each other. I'm sure their "the one" for one another. I'm so happy for them, and I hope they spend the rest of their lives together. They deserve it. They love each other SO much and it reflects. Congratulations Kev and Dani. You're beautiful. I'm proud of you.

I feel like I'm leaving so much stuff out.. I'm such a forgetful person sometimes.. but someone made a cake that's calling my name and making my stomach growl and I really want to eat it! So I'm going to do that and I'll hopefully tell you MORE stuff.

Anyways! once again, thank YOU. You're amazing.


P.S. What do you see when you look in the sky? I'm not talking about what meets the eye.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couples, publicity, friends

I read all my replies, or almost all of them on my twitter account whether is nickyjonas or nickjonas, I try my best to read them all. There are some very horrid ones though, most the time I just ignore those. But now it is getting CRAZY, they are diving up to gossip sites, even youtube, and my shows.
I'm getting WAY too many bad comment and I'm not going to waste my time explaining things that shouldn't be explained.
"Nick Jonas is using Selena." "Nick Jonas is doing what he did to Miley to sell more copies of his album" THOSE are the comments that I hate the most. Why? Because I AM a genuine person. I don't do things for publicity. This album I have coming up with The Administration is just something that had been in my heart for SO long and something that I wanted to do to share with MY fans. I thought I made that clear, I never expected it to become HUGE or something that would get recognized all over the planet forever. It was just something that I wanted to get off my chest, experiences for me. Something NEW. I'm touring for promotion and that's as far as I WILL go for promoting. I do NOT have friendships for promotion, I do NOT date for promotion. I'm just not into that, I've never been, and I'll never do it. You'll never see me doing it.

Miley and I are CLOSE friends, and I wanted to tell her thank you, for sticking up for me and Selena. She's my best friend, and I owe her that she has my back. Miley and I had a past, but once again back in the summer of 2009 I never did anything that could hurt her in anyway. We reconnected, and we're best friends now. We aren't able to hang out as much but we text everyday, all the time. She's doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine. And I'm so proud of everything she's done. I truly am, and I'm so happy for her and everything she's doing. I can't wait to watch her movie, and to hear her new music. I'm super excited for her. Guys for the LOVE of sweet baby Jesus, leave HER alone about who she's dating? I've met Liam, and I've talked to him and I can honestly say I'm SO happy she's found him. The guy is hilarious, and I know he'll be good to her for sure. I can tell you because we're FRIENDS.

I DID say Selena and I are dating, once again, I DON'T do that stuff for publicity. That's why I'm not really going PUBLIC. I just wanted to share this with you on here, because I felt that way you knew a bit more about myself, and what I'm all about. People are just SO rude, and I just don't understand where this anger comes from. We're human beings, we HAVE feelings, we're not all about our jobs and getting publicity. Yes, we ARE part of hollywood, but it doesn't make us any less human with feelings. I'm SO Happy where I am right now, you can't judge things from ONE picture!! so papparazzi caught ONE picture of us talking in a bench, freezing, in the morning, while we were sleepy. Yeah, good luck getting something from there.A picture is nothing but a reflection of your own imagination to me. You can get ANY story from a picture and that's how papparazzi sell. They snap a picture say something about it and it becomes a HUGE gossip to everyone. I KISS my girlfriends, I HUG my girlfriends, I HOLD my girlfriends, I hold hands, I tell them jokes, I make them smile, I sing for them, I play with their hair, I AM a good boyfriend. I know I am, and just because they haven't gotten on a stupid PICTURE means I am not a good boyfriend. I know how to treat a girl with respect, I'm a gentleman. I open doors for them. Take them out on dates. Sorry that papparazzi haven't caught it in a picture. I'm SORRY that I don't like that kind of publicity and exposure. But I can honestly say that when I have a girlfriend, I give them everything. I'll take care of them as best as I can. I AM good guy whether some of you see that, or not.

I feel so exposed now. I'm not going to try and clear my name anymore. Sure I got a "reputation" right now, but I KNOW how I am, and I KNOW my girlfriend knows how I act, and how I am. I don't know how the rest of the world sees me and honestly I don't care. I just care about what my friends and people around me thinks. But I DO NOT date for publicty.
Stop being so rude about it, focus on your life, stop focusing on MINE, the things I want to share will be shared, if I don't want to, it WONT be. I wont even mention it. Got it? Good.

Also, Miley mentioned me being sick. Yes, I'm not really "sick", I just suffer from migraines and I have to take medicines for them. I woke up with a massive one this morning and is gotten better thankfully. My dad got me my pills and yeah all better now.

Anyways, I'm really excited I get to see Demi soon with my brothers! Haven't seen her in a while and hopefully we'll get to catch up with her.

I'm really happy with my life right now, with my friends, and everything. I've gotten so much support, and I'm so excited to keep going with my projects. I'm always working for you on something new, I'll ALWAYS have something up my sleeve waiting on the right moment to do it. I'm wrapping up my tour soon, we're talking and working on another World Tour for the Jonas Brothers, writing songs, and we're gonna film second season of JONAS. I'm really excited for that! the release for Camp Rock 2 will also be this year. This year is FULL with new things, new projects and ideas and we can't WAIT to share them with you.

Well that's all for now, and please if you're not going to be supportive of my relationships or my FRIENDS, at least be respectful.


Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday Detroit was wonderful. I had so much fun performing there, my fans were so loud and just wow, it was such a rush. It was truly SO amazing, I'm so happy. However, people are making such a BIG deal that I didn't sing Before The Storm last night and that Selena Gomez was there... I LOVE doing different songs at my shows and changing it up a bit! Everyone started assuming that I wanted my BEST FRIEND back as a girlfriend. Guys, you don't KNOW what I want. Honestly, Before The Storm is one of my favorite songs and I love performing it. And I didn't last night, but it wasn't because Selena was there? That's ridiculous any of you would even think that.

It just saddens me that so many people fight over who's better if Selena or Miley, and honestly they're both so amazing in their own, UNIQUE way. Everything has to start a drama, guys I'm so happy. I have such beautiful people in my lfe. It's MY life, and I'm so happy with it, and refreshed and I loved having Selena there with me and seeing her enjoy the show, smile, laugh, cry during each song! she enjoyed the music and felt it, and that's such a wonderful feeling to me. That someone that's so close in my heart could relate to each song and respond to them. I saw her dance, scream, sing the lyrics, and it just made me smile and very happy that she was there, and that she was having such a wonderful time. But you really have got to STOP with the who is better if is Miley or Selena. They're BOTH wonderful and beautiful. I love them both with all my heart, and nothing YOU say is going to change my mind. You can keep sending those letters telling me who to date, or who is better for me. But the person that KNOWS who's better for me and the person that knows who I want is myself. And that's that, and that's how it is staying. Am I dating someone? Maybe. Am I happy? YES, I'm super happy. Do I love Selena? Yes, I do. Do I love Miley? Yes, I do. Leave it at that? Leave me alone with that, please. That's all I ask for.

Anyways, last nights show was wonderful and special. Every show is special. My fans make it so much more amazing, I truly love seeing you guys sing along and just enjoy the show, and I hope I can continue making you smile, laugh, dance, sing, cry, and feel any emotion during a song. I love you all! You're truly the BEST fans in the world.


P.S. I have Yellow Submarine stuck in my head! Help! haha! : )

Friday, January 15, 2010

Who I Am : Million Thoughts

Million thoughts, million words. So much I'd love to say, so hard to put it into words. You know the mind wonders so many things, and we have no answers.
I was talking today all day to one of my really clothes friends, one of my best friends actually. We've been talking everyday for hours, about everything and anything. We all have this little part of ourselves in the dark, and let everyone else see what the light shows, what the picture shows, what the videos show. And out of people's sight we have internal battles, we have so many thoughts crammed in the back of our mind. Just trying to figure out not only people that surrounds you, but mainly yourself. I've never felt so confused about myself. But I've never been so clear about who I am as I am right now.

This blog seems rather pointless, but there are a lot of things that are in my heart. I did quite a good job with the album, and song writer, but somehow I feel like people still would not understand where I come from. Because there are many things that aren't noticed when you read between the lines. That's always going to happen though because usually a song becomes your own song, your own feelings, and that's amazing. That's the power of a song, that even if you don't fully understand what the author means by what their saying, you still relate, or make the song your own. There are so many emotions to share and sometimes you feel like you just can't, no matter how hard you try. But you know you'll always have at least ONE person that understands.

I want to talk a little bit about my songs, that are my feelings put into words. This new records, it means so much to me. All these songs have such a meaning behind, everytime I sing any of these songs every single part of my body tenses up, and my voice just flows with the feelings. Every word I sing, I mean it. That's why you see me get so into every song, because I feel every single word I sing. Every note I play.

Who I Am: My main song, the song I wanted to release first because I wanted to introduce myself. I wanted to say what I wanted, I want to be loved, needed as I am, just how I am. Not how people sees me, not how pictures see me. I'm in the moment of knowing myself more, I'm recognizing who I am and what I live for. No matter what I want to be loved, and have that intimate relationship with my fans where they understand me, and love my music, and enjoy the soul of it. Who I Am is more an upbeat song, but it has so much feeling in it. Because I'm introducing myself for the first time, exposing myself in front of people. And its always a scary feeling.

Rose Garden: It's the first song I recorder for this record. I love this song, I'm so proud of it. This song is about someone that's been in a rough spot ever since she was a little girl. About keeping their head up high no matter what's being thrown in the way. It's one of the many songs I hope people feel related to. This song is truly special for me, and I hope you get the meaning behind this song, and how I brought into a song such a beautiful person. I hope you see how it is so beautiful.

Olive And An Arrow: This song is more soul, rather than rock. Is raw, and I wrote it during a hard time I had with someone. Mainly about... feeling lied to, and you KNOW you're being lied to but really want this person to realize that you know, and that you're hurting from it. And that after everything you've been through, you're left with an Olive and An arrow, which is kind of a metaphor to having an aching heart and a the arrow that went through it, which is the pain in a way.

While The World Is Spinning: Its a heartfelt song, also written a while ago. It is kind of upbeat, but the lyrics and the raw rock in the beat. It gives it that feelings that you know what I'm talking about, that you know what's going on. Being hurt and being left in the rain, and well this little lyric explains it "Everyone has to lie sometimes, do you know what its like to make up your mind, tell me do you know who's innocent while the world is spinning". Just being afraid of what they think about you, and what they're gonna say so you feel the need to lie. So you don't get hurt over again.

State Of Emergency: Many people found this song rather sexual, many jumped into conclusions into who it is about. And once again, who is about guys is NOT important. The importance is the meaning in the song, how desperate someone can get to get out of their hands, and be free'd. I wrote this with help of a friend. We kind of felt related, and felt like we were under a charm at the time. And this is how it came out. It's a fun song to play, and I'm sure SO many of you can relate.

Conspiracy Theory: Its a song mainly about hiding, again, not being able to say something because your afraid. This is actually one of my favorites, its really has a Rock and Roll feel to it, its really fun to perform. I hope you enjoy that song.

Stronger: Who doesn't have someone close to them that make you feel stronger? This song is about having that person that you need in your life very much, no matter what. And no matter what they do, they make you feel strong. Whether is a family member, a best friend, or maybe all those people in your life make you feel stronger. Always having someone that has your back and you know you can count on them to make you feel strong.

In The End: This song is about someone that took something that wasn't theirs. About ruining their on future and how their actions will end up haunting them.

Vespers Goodbye: I've gone through this, not exactly about ME necessarily, but feeling that someone is actually GONE from the face of earth forever, being so scared that you don't know what to do and you feel like this is goodbye, and you pray and its such a nauciating feeling. Like they'll be gone forever, and all you have left to do is say goodbye and lay down to sleep.

"Slowly turning back
Like a bullet through the chest
Lay me down to rest,
A lover's final breath

And then I kiss your tender lips goodbye
Pray to God he hears my cry"

Last Time Around: This is a fun song, I love it. I love performing and being able to play the guitar on stage. A relationship you had and you're kind of telling them "You'll remember the fun we had last time around" and is just a fun song, its really catchy and the lyrics are awesome.

Stay: This song means so much to me, the day I wrote it I was going through a hard time with a person really close to me. Feeling like we were losing touch and fading. It doesn't have to be necessarily about being IN love with this person, just loving them very much. Needing them to be there for you, and tell them that you'll stay and to please stay, because time can run out and we won't have the chance to say or do things for each other.
(PLEASE, once again, stop fighting over who this is about, just enjoy this song)

All these songs mean so much to me. This project, this feelings is something thats been in my heart for SO long, and even though I LOVE my brothers, I wanted to do this on my own. I wanted to show a side of me no one has seen.

Everyday I have these internal battles with myself, memories. So many things that go on in my life, that I wish I could let out in a way that I don't let out too much. And this time was perfect.
My own heart is a puzzle piece to me, and while it IS hard to cope with that stuff, with your own heart, with your own feelings. There is this side that you KNOW completely, and makes me feel happy. That's why I go out of my way to express how happy I am in my nickjonas account. Because I feel so happy to be able to share my feelings, to be able to show myself to you guys. I love you, I'm so lucky and so happy for this opportunity YOU offered me.

I want to also say thanks to an special person, that's actually been SO amazing to me these last few days, and that I love them with all my heart. That I'm right here for them, and just that they're so special to me.

Also to another special person, thanks for being the best friend anyone can ask for. You're amazing, and I love you, too. Very much.

WELL I hope you don't hate me for th length of this blog! haha! really though, thank you all!
Going back to rehearsals!

God bless,
Nick Jonas

P.S. Mirrors are nothing but a reflection of your body, your words are a reflection of your lies, and your eyes are a reflection of your feelings.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I figured I'd write my first serious post about this serious issue. Who would've thought that such poor island would go through such catastrophic event? I'm praying for everyone there. I'm so sad that had to happen, and how many people lost their lives that way. I hope from the bottom of my heart that everything turns out fine.

I want to ask everyone to please keep Haiti in your prayers, and get involved as much as you possibly can. Families there are devastated, schools got destroyed, palaces, monuments, things that for them were so important. Seeing so much pain in those kids faces, how they ended up with nothing after the earthquake, I pray someday their world wil turn around and they'll get everything they need. From food, to a nice home, and hopefully something like that doesn't happen again.

I know sometimes there's barely we can do, donate some money, clothes, books, food. It doesn't feel like much, but guys those "little" things as donation or spreading and using your voice DOES make a change. It truly does. You don't realize this, but many people around the world probably don't even know what happened in the island. So, when you think you can't do much, you actually CAN, you do so much by just asking for help, sending clothes, books, even if their used. They need all the help they can get. They need medicine, they need hospitals, transportations, and guys ONE spark starts a fire. If we spread the word, and make it known we can help, we can do so much by just typing something as simple as "Help Haiti" or by just praying. One little thing can turn into a big thing. If we put our hands together we form a huge power.
So please guys, together we can become a big power and a big help. Just say it out loud, don't keep it inside. Help. They need all the help they can get. I just keep repeating myself, but it's sad seeing some people not caring simply because it has nothing to do with them.

There's just so much that we CAN do but we don't even notice, we can't start BIG right away. Just a WORD can turn into a major thing. Trust me. It can.

With much more to say but little time,

P.S. God bless you and thank you.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First blog!

Okay.. first blog is about how difficult this thing is!! I've clicked on everything trying to check things out and.. yeah. At least I know how to posta blog.. which is very important. But still confused. Sorry for the lame first blog.. but I did a twitlonger not long ago, and I have nothing to rant about. So.. yeah.. Hmm.. OH yeah! Thanks for reading!


P.S. I'm the funny one!! Not Joe! : )