Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Couples, publicity, friends

I read all my replies, or almost all of them on my twitter account whether is nickyjonas or nickjonas, I try my best to read them all. There are some very horrid ones though, most the time I just ignore those. But now it is getting CRAZY, they are diving up to gossip sites, even youtube, and my shows.
I'm getting WAY too many bad comment and I'm not going to waste my time explaining things that shouldn't be explained.
"Nick Jonas is using Selena." "Nick Jonas is doing what he did to Miley to sell more copies of his album" THOSE are the comments that I hate the most. Why? Because I AM a genuine person. I don't do things for publicity. This album I have coming up with The Administration is just something that had been in my heart for SO long and something that I wanted to do to share with MY fans. I thought I made that clear, I never expected it to become HUGE or something that would get recognized all over the planet forever. It was just something that I wanted to get off my chest, experiences for me. Something NEW. I'm touring for promotion and that's as far as I WILL go for promoting. I do NOT have friendships for promotion, I do NOT date for promotion. I'm just not into that, I've never been, and I'll never do it. You'll never see me doing it.

Miley and I are CLOSE friends, and I wanted to tell her thank you, for sticking up for me and Selena. She's my best friend, and I owe her that she has my back. Miley and I had a past, but once again back in the summer of 2009 I never did anything that could hurt her in anyway. We reconnected, and we're best friends now. We aren't able to hang out as much but we text everyday, all the time. She's doing her own thing, and I'm doing mine. And I'm so proud of everything she's done. I truly am, and I'm so happy for her and everything she's doing. I can't wait to watch her movie, and to hear her new music. I'm super excited for her. Guys for the LOVE of sweet baby Jesus, leave HER alone about who she's dating? I've met Liam, and I've talked to him and I can honestly say I'm SO happy she's found him. The guy is hilarious, and I know he'll be good to her for sure. I can tell you because we're FRIENDS.

I DID say Selena and I are dating, once again, I DON'T do that stuff for publicity. That's why I'm not really going PUBLIC. I just wanted to share this with you on here, because I felt that way you knew a bit more about myself, and what I'm all about. People are just SO rude, and I just don't understand where this anger comes from. We're human beings, we HAVE feelings, we're not all about our jobs and getting publicity. Yes, we ARE part of hollywood, but it doesn't make us any less human with feelings. I'm SO Happy where I am right now, you can't judge things from ONE picture!! so papparazzi caught ONE picture of us talking in a bench, freezing, in the morning, while we were sleepy. Yeah, good luck getting something from there.A picture is nothing but a reflection of your own imagination to me. You can get ANY story from a picture and that's how papparazzi sell. They snap a picture say something about it and it becomes a HUGE gossip to everyone. I KISS my girlfriends, I HUG my girlfriends, I HOLD my girlfriends, I hold hands, I tell them jokes, I make them smile, I sing for them, I play with their hair, I AM a good boyfriend. I know I am, and just because they haven't gotten on a stupid PICTURE means I am not a good boyfriend. I know how to treat a girl with respect, I'm a gentleman. I open doors for them. Take them out on dates. Sorry that papparazzi haven't caught it in a picture. I'm SORRY that I don't like that kind of publicity and exposure. But I can honestly say that when I have a girlfriend, I give them everything. I'll take care of them as best as I can. I AM good guy whether some of you see that, or not.

I feel so exposed now. I'm not going to try and clear my name anymore. Sure I got a "reputation" right now, but I KNOW how I am, and I KNOW my girlfriend knows how I act, and how I am. I don't know how the rest of the world sees me and honestly I don't care. I just care about what my friends and people around me thinks. But I DO NOT date for publicty.
Stop being so rude about it, focus on your life, stop focusing on MINE, the things I want to share will be shared, if I don't want to, it WONT be. I wont even mention it. Got it? Good.

Also, Miley mentioned me being sick. Yes, I'm not really "sick", I just suffer from migraines and I have to take medicines for them. I woke up with a massive one this morning and is gotten better thankfully. My dad got me my pills and yeah all better now.

Anyways, I'm really excited I get to see Demi soon with my brothers! Haven't seen her in a while and hopefully we'll get to catch up with her.

I'm really happy with my life right now, with my friends, and everything. I've gotten so much support, and I'm so excited to keep going with my projects. I'm always working for you on something new, I'll ALWAYS have something up my sleeve waiting on the right moment to do it. I'm wrapping up my tour soon, we're talking and working on another World Tour for the Jonas Brothers, writing songs, and we're gonna film second season of JONAS. I'm really excited for that! the release for Camp Rock 2 will also be this year. This year is FULL with new things, new projects and ideas and we can't WAIT to share them with you.

Well that's all for now, and please if you're not going to be supportive of my relationships or my FRIENDS, at least be respectful.



  1. That was so inspiring and soo true. I love you and hope you come to Belgium on your JB world tour! xx <3

  2. you are one amazing guy. i sat here and understood everything you said and went awww when i read the part about how a good boyfriend you are. selena is one lucky girl :)

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  5. not saying that i do, but people just don't get it. half of the girls saying bad things about selena/miley are most likely 11 or 12, so they look a poster of you and call it their boyfriend. first off, the language used to discribe selena and miley is horrible. no one should talk like that. and second, fans don't know either of them. really, a person can like an artist's music, they way they look, or respect the way they act. anything other than that is a fantasy, in all reality. i know people who were fans of you and your brothers, and then when taylor and joe broke up, they decided they hated you guys! how stupid and immature.

    just a word for the fans; if you think you're making nick or any one else notice you, you are! but in the worst way possible. so really, you just look annoying. stop it.

    :/ just my opinion on the matter.

  6. Wanted to fix my comment.. So let's try this a 2nd time.. haha

    Wow. Before reading your blog I had so much I wanted to say, now I'm speechless. Haha.. well I'll see where this takes me. First off all, I hope you know, that those petty girls that are trashing selena are the one who WISH they were her. The ones that are disguistingly obsessed with you & it kills them to know that you're
    happy with someone that's not them. Even though they don't stand a chance.. I mean come on. Really? I have a few friends that r of that nature. They would never go to the extreme of hurting selena's feelings, but are always "I love nick. I'm going to marry him someday. He's MINE." .. they're just living in a false reality. ANYWAY, I hope Selena knows that too, it's just jealousy. I am just completely shocked at how far ppl go sometimes.. Neither you or sel deserve that. On a lighter note, your "Guys for the LOVE
    of sweet baby jesus" Comment made my day. It made me smile & chuckle. LOL! even if that was not ur intent. Just remember that LOVE over powers HATE & you've got way more love surrounding you than anything. I also love
    how in yours & miley's blogs you both say the same thing alot. "I'm doing my thing she's doing hers." Haha.. great minds think alike. Also, I respect you guys a lot for being there 4 eachother. You all blog about eachother, supporting one another & clear things up. That's admirable. True friendship. Anywho! You can reach me on Twitter if you'd like, it would make my whole world if you tweeted me. Ha, my twitter is: @Kailabaaaby -- Hopefully you've seen some of my replies to you. I'm constantly trying to make ur day a little
    better by tweetig you nice things. Aswell as selena! I've tweeted her lots 2 on hers. Btw, think you could convince her to make one of these? I really feel like connecting with her on a more personal level, & letting her know some things, where as twitter, I can't. My tweets get lost. Lol, I love you nick! And keep
    in mind, with ONE hateful, obsessive fan (well can't call them fans. Fans don't do that, but ppl.) There is HUNDREDS of real, true fans. Like me & many others.

    Love you so much, & i am soooooooo excted 4 what you & the rest
    of the disney fam have in store. Love you lots! GODBLESS!
    - Love, Kaila. <3

  7. OK! You are just a guy, and you're dating someone and that's cool, if you are happy I am too. I support you Nick! Because I love you so much, I wish you the best. You rock. People can be so immature, but that doesn't mean all of your fans are immature, I respect your feelings. I'm so happy for Selena, because she has the best boyfriend. (:

  8. I really appreciate everything you do for your fans, like blogging and tweeting. You don't have an obligation to keep us so informed with your life, but we live in a celebrity-obsessed society (I'm guilty of it too!), and I know I appreciate you staying connected with us. I'm sorry so many people can't be supportive of your decisions. You're still just a kid (sorry, you're the same age as my little brother, so I'm always going to think of you like that!), a real person, who's been lucky enough to have a successful career. And people need to realize that and accept you for you.

  9. I don't get what this whole thing is about, If you love her and she loves you, why does everyone have to get in on it ?

    Why can't they leave you alone ? We all know what they're saying isn't true, I am sure you're a wonderful boyfriend.

    I hope things look up, just remember I support you no matter what and love you and your music.

    Always <3

  10. Nick you are truly amazing and Selena is so lucky to be your girlfriend. There is absolutely nothing fake about you and only your true fans like us know that! whenever you get those bad comments, it's good that you dont pay attention to them because they mean nothing!! Rock on Nick!
    blessings and good luck with everything in 2010!

  11. this is not really nick jonas, are these people nuts for believing some random person who is posing as nick? @nickjonas is real-VERIFIED...@nickyjonas is an imposter...if you question this consider to yourself why you would have 2 twitter accounts...and why only one is verified and the other is not...this person is delirious haha its actually really sad...

  12. "I don't know how the rest of the world sees me and honestly I don't care."

    NICK, I'm from Malaysia. which from the other side of your world. and I see you as a sweet guy and writes honest music. I love JoBros, Demi, Miley, Selena. all my favvies. I always yours and Miley's blog, real twitters. and as a fan, I felt honored to LOVE these amazing people that sometimes I feel sooo close to me, like my own friends.
    the word CARE, should explains it.

    all the best to you, Nicky.

    I really hope you read this :)

  13. Hang in there Nick...You are great, no matter who you date....

  14. Hi Nick!
    u're great!
    add me^-^
    u're so cool!
    I ♥ who i am!

  15. I hope you don't mean that you don't care how the rest of the world sees you...I'm glad you don't listen to the haters, but I hope you do care that you've made an impact on so many lives and you've given thousands of people hope and inspiration. I hope you see that and care about that.

    Also, I wrote you a letter. It's a little bit long, sorry, but I hope you get a chance to read it. Here's the link: