Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First blog!

Okay.. first blog is about how difficult this thing is!! I've clicked on everything trying to check things out and.. yeah. At least I know how to posta blog.. which is very important. But still confused. Sorry for the lame first blog.. but I did a twitlonger not long ago, and I have nothing to rant about. So.. yeah.. Hmm.. OH yeah! Thanks for reading!


P.S. I'm the funny one!! Not Joe! : )


  1. "P.S. I'm the funny one!! Not Joe! :)"

    Oh yeah, I could believe that, seeing how that totally simple comment actually made me laugh... a little... just a little. :) And you have your archives, followers, and about me widgets up and you know how to post a blog... that's pretty much the only important things you need.

    Good luck and how this blog goes well for you.


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  3. nick, I'm very happy that you have fulfilled one of the things you promised for this year. I am a big fan of you & your brothers,Joe & Kevin. I'm so eager to hear the songs of your new album, but now I hear the first record called "Who I Am" that really loved it! I'm so glad you're in love, that says a lot about you. I wish the best for u this year. I love you<3:)

    Adhi molina.

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  5. Yay! I'm so happy you have a blog now too! I really truly admire what you and Miley have and I really wish I had a friendship like that with a guy like you two do. anyways, yeah I can totally believe you're the funny one lol! I watched your jimmy fallon episode and it was hilarious! (esp his little rhyme about you! HA!)
    You are an amazing person Nick. everyone can see it. I wish all the BEST for the rest of 2010 and MANY more to come! love you. youre absolutely amazing and such an inspiration :)
    Love, Paige from CA

    The last one! I know it'll be amazing!! hope you're excited too!

  6. Nick,
    Welcome to the world of blogging!!!! I know you will get sooo hooked on this, just like Miley - she's a pro now! You two are my alltime favorite teens in the whole wide world. I *love* it that I can talk here without a 140 character limit - yay!! Anyway, both yours and Miley's twitlongers were absolutely the best display of genuine love and kindness for a fellow human being that I've seen in awhile. I love reading what you two write all the time. You both are great examples of "how it should be done"!! Until next time Nick. Thanks so much for sharing with us, truly. -Gina :o) (I *always* knew you were funny underneath that serious brow!!!)

  7. You made me laugh, no, wrong, you make me laugh all the time, yep, I think you are the funny one! So, you are blogging!! Great! A very fast way to see your thoughts. You are the best, and I love you for who you are. ♥

  8. HAHAHA. See, everyone thinks Joe's the funny one, but nope NICK JONAS IS THE FUNNY ONE.
    I think it's your serious exterior that makes people think you're the stern one, but it's not good to be a goofball all the time, atleast you know how to be light-hearted when the time is right. You know ? I am ranting now. I am going to go away.