Thursday, January 14, 2010


I figured I'd write my first serious post about this serious issue. Who would've thought that such poor island would go through such catastrophic event? I'm praying for everyone there. I'm so sad that had to happen, and how many people lost their lives that way. I hope from the bottom of my heart that everything turns out fine.

I want to ask everyone to please keep Haiti in your prayers, and get involved as much as you possibly can. Families there are devastated, schools got destroyed, palaces, monuments, things that for them were so important. Seeing so much pain in those kids faces, how they ended up with nothing after the earthquake, I pray someday their world wil turn around and they'll get everything they need. From food, to a nice home, and hopefully something like that doesn't happen again.

I know sometimes there's barely we can do, donate some money, clothes, books, food. It doesn't feel like much, but guys those "little" things as donation or spreading and using your voice DOES make a change. It truly does. You don't realize this, but many people around the world probably don't even know what happened in the island. So, when you think you can't do much, you actually CAN, you do so much by just asking for help, sending clothes, books, even if their used. They need all the help they can get. They need medicine, they need hospitals, transportations, and guys ONE spark starts a fire. If we spread the word, and make it known we can help, we can do so much by just typing something as simple as "Help Haiti" or by just praying. One little thing can turn into a big thing. If we put our hands together we form a huge power.
So please guys, together we can become a big power and a big help. Just say it out loud, don't keep it inside. Help. They need all the help they can get. I just keep repeating myself, but it's sad seeing some people not caring simply because it has nothing to do with them.

There's just so much that we CAN do but we don't even notice, we can't start BIG right away. Just a WORD can turn into a major thing. Trust me. It can.

With much more to say but little time,

P.S. God bless you and thank you.


  1. good call, nick. i think this disaster can bring something good though--haiti is one of the poorest of the poor countries, and nobody really thinks about it but it just never got any recognition before. maybe this disaster will turn america's rich eye towards helping them not just with the dead and injured and homeless, but with cleaning up their country altogether and creating plans to get everyone the help they need.

  2. We all feel so fortunate to live in such a safe and industrialized country (for the most part) so I agree that we all need to reach out to those right now who don't have the same advantages we do. Well said Nick. Keep rockin it :))

  3. I feel so sorry for them :-(
    you are awesome Nick, with everything you do, your music and blogging about Haiti!! I love you for that..

    it would be so cool if will leave a comment on my blogg, it is in Norwegian so you don't understand it but it would be so cool. (Norwegian because i'm living in New York for a year and i'm blogging about it)

  4. So happy to see your blog here about Haiti (and Miley's blog today, too). When I see celebs and others in the public eye who can use their voice to spread goodwill, it does my heart good. You continue to amaze me Nick. God bless and have mercy on our poor brothers and sisters in Haiti - all of us are essentially the same on this big rubber ball Earth. They are in need. Thanks again for your words Nick. :o) -Gina

  5. Spread the word to your fans: They can text 90999 and put the word "Haiti" in the message. $10 will go to the American Red Cross and be charged to their phone bills.

    Thanks, Nick.