Monday, March 1, 2010


This week has been insane and sad also. Really sad. My heart goes out to Chile and all its people, what happened is horrible and I really hope they can get through it somehow. The Tsunami warnings, thankfully Hawaii wasn't harmed, but unfortunately Chile got that tsunami and ended up destroying it and there are over 300 people dead, but even worse they still don't KNOW how many people are really dead. And its just wow.. really depressing, I'm praying and hoping that someday it'll get better. Guys this is obviously a cry for help, a cry to get involved. We NEED to help our planet, we are destroying it. It's terrible how BAD we're harming it. Get involved, you say you care? Pick up garbage you see on the floor, turn off the lights when you're not using it, don't DRIVE around when you don't have to go too far away, don't use spray if unnecessary. These things DO make a change. They really do, just try it. Get involved with charities for Haiti and Chile. Pray. Be a helping hand. Lend your time. Donate. One action causes a chain reaction. Be a part of it.

My love life. People can't really seem to leave that alone.. haha, so many people care. I don't understand, you see a couple making out on the streets and you don't care. But then you see a "celebrity" couple and it turns into SUCH a big deal. It's like we stopped being human the moment we stepped into Hollywood and that's really sad to me. But at least I'm happy with who I am with. I love them with everything in me. And that's what its important. I love their company, I love having them around and laughing along with them, and having a great time together. I have my best friends; my brothers, Garbo, Miley and Selena. I love them all, they're amazing. I love hanging out with all of them. As for who I am dating, leave it alone. You might think you know the whole story, when you can be FAR way off. I just try and laugh it off, but I'm SO happy and I love that my fans care.

JONAS. Yes, we're filming JONAS!!! I'm SO hyped, SO excited. You have no idea!!! I got to surf for a scene and I love surfing, its a lot of fun. I'm not all that good at it, but hey! I try haha. I had a couple of scenes with Nicole Anderson and its just awesome. We have a LOT going on this time, a lot of funny things you might want to catch up for! It's going to be amazing. We do this things for you, we work hard every day for you guys.

STAY comes out tomorrow!!! Are you excited?? that's my favorite song that I've written, and it means so much to me, I'm just so excited that it comes out finally, that you'll get to hear the final edition. I'm super stoked. The song is beutiful, its a soulful amazing song. I always get emotinal singing it and hearing. It was meant for someone special, you know who you are, and well I just hope you learn to love it as much as I do.

I'm so happy with my life. I love it, I'm so happy that I get to do such wonderful things. That I get to perform in front of thousands of people one day and the next I'm filming my show. Then I'm hanging out with my beautiful girlfriend and then I'm recording music the next. And its so overwhelming but all so amazing at the same time. And its just wow, I'm so blessed. I really am.

Also, Miley yesterday went through a rough time. She already posted about it and I just wanted to say that I've never met someone as strong and amazing as Miley is. Someone that can share her feelings and trusts that you won't disappoint her. I love her to death, she's the most enchanting and sweetest girl ever and having seen her that bummed just proves that she's human, but somehow it just makes her even more amaizng. She talks a lot about how the pictures are always "photoshopped" and how they make her look "prettier" and stuff, ha Miley is just beautiful. Airbrushed pictures or not. And inside she's beutiful too. I'm always here for her and I hope she knows that. She's the most amazing friend I'v e got. I'd NEVER trade what we have NOW, ever. I trust her with every single bit of my mind, and I'd never seen her as sad before. But every tear she cried meant the pain was about subside and it's worth wiping them off their face because every tear she said was just a tear closer to a smile. A smile that MILLIONS love, including me. She has the most contagious smile I've ever seen, and I'm one of the lucky people that gets to see it. I'm so blessed to have her in my life. Thank you for being the most amazing best friend in the world Miley. I love you.

Well... that's all I've really wanted to share for right now. Don't forget that Camp Rock 2 comes out this Summer, and to buy "Stay" Tomorrow as soon as it comes out. God bless you guys.


P.S. The truest words are the words that are unspoken. Let me look in your eyes to see the love you gave for me.

P.P.S. I love you.


  1. nick you're awesome! you and miley are both such great people. your generosity for the environment and others is overwhelming! I hope you know that you make such a positive, fantastic imprint on us all! anyways I CANNOT wait for tomorrow and the release of "Stay"!!! Any song that is so close to your heart deserves to be a hit!!
    good luck with everything coming up and keep living & loving life!

  2. I am so sad too, because people say: "THE PLANET IS GOING CRAZY" and I disagree because the planet is not going crazy is just the response of our acts, we are crazy about us, about ourselves, and we forgot something: THE PLANET IS OUR HOME, and we have to take care of our planet, because if we don't maybe it will be late.

  3. You know, when it comes to Chile, and everything else, I'm going to be honest. A lot of the time I get so wrapped up in my own life and my own crap that I don't always take the time to think outside my own little box. I'm not exactly proud of that, but I'm being honest. I have to seriously change that. So thanks for the kick in the butt there, reminding us.

    As for the rest of your blog, I know I don't have to tell you this, but you are one luckkkkkkkyyyyyyy guy. You are living a sweet life and good for you. You deserve it. You work hard. Stay is incredible.

    You are VERY lucky to have a friend like Miley and she is VERY lucky to have a friend like you. I admire your friendship. :)

    Oh and this whole blog made me think of this song. I don't know why. But I kind of hate you (jk- HAHA) for getting it stuck in my head:
    "All you need is love" by the Beatles

  4. Chile hit close to me because my Cousin is there finishing her Doctorate Degree in Spanish Literature... We were all worried because we couldn't get in touch with here, but we had faith that she was gonna be ok, and she was :) She called later in the day and said that she had been scared but that that was it, she did not get hurt. Sadly, a lot of people died, and a lot more are still missing, we need to give all the help we can so that those families that have lost someone or that are looking for someone can find peace in just Knowing.
    I wrote to Miley on her blog; I can understand perfectly what she was going through yesterday, im just happy that she could have so many people take care of her and love her and make her smile. Thank you for being one of those people.
    Im so happy that you are happy, and keep on writing those beautiful songs!!!
    Love always, God Bless!

  5. Seeing things like Haiti and Chile really puts things into perspective. Like you may think your life is bad but so many others have it way worse, and that we need to wake up to the world around us and see what we are doing to this planet.

    Stay is an amazing song and I will be getting it on iTunes very soon. I will never forget seeing you perform it live.

    You and Miley have had your past but im glad you can come out with a great friendship. Its so admiring to see what a great relationship you guys have where you can tell eachother anything.

    "Cause your not the only one
    Whose ever felt this way
    Dont let the world cave in
    Just tell me that you'll stay"
    -Stay, Nick Jonas and The Administration
    xoxo, Katy

  6. Everything about this blog is amazing. I am really glad you're happy, you deserve it and I love seeing a smile on your face, it makes me smile.

    I can't wait for JONAS, CR2 and I already bought Stay (EP) last night. So I am pretty caught up with everything.

    As for who your dating, don't worry about what the other 'fans' think. Who gives a crap, it's none of their business and if you're happy and she's happy that's all that matters.

    I am happy to see you smiling, you don't know how much it means to see you smile. So keep smiling, keep being happy and I hope your migranes go away completely and don't come back.

    Remember, I love you and support you as a fan, always, that'll never change.

    Keep that gorgeous smile on.

    xox, Taylor.