Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Vent

Okay.. so the title of this is kinda.. well gay to say the least, but its not BAD. I'm happy! I'm currently in bed eating candy and watching movies, and just enjoying being lazy :D WOO for laziness. Amazing. ANYWAYS, I am kinda congested... which is not as good. But there's something here keeping me occupied and happy.. and yeah, ANYWAYS!! So you know.. I'm here trying to think of something to blog about so is not something pointless and have you all hate me because is just.. words and then the blog not having a point. But it does have a point! and at the same time it doesn't! Because, I'm happy! and that's the point! but the BLOG is not an actual subject D:

So on to what I'm watching.. I was watching Scooby Doo on ABC family and now I'm watching Flinstons! I haven't seen these movies in forever!
So I'm kinda with someone special, sharing candy and watching these movies. We're laughing, and we're both kinda sick so.. its cool. In pajamas, its all good. My bed is HUGE, and its covered in candy wrappers D: its a mess. The covers are all over the place, we have soda on the table. And its amazing. It's so relaxing. I haven't been this relaxed in a while. They're reading while I type this so I'm gonna turn the computer.. they're not supposed to read this yet! Lol!

I'm in LOVE with life, I'm in love with someone. I haven't felt so at peace and amazed with someone in such a long period of time and its just amazing. Her eyes remind me of EVERY color in the world. Her smile makes my heart melt in my chest. Her laugh is just contagious. Her hair is soft and amazing. Did I mention she smells like vanilla? that's my favorite scent.. EVER. Haha! Will I tell you who this is? NO. I won't :D. You probably think you know. But nope. I won't sayyy.. why? cause I'm just selfish like that. I LOVE having something to myself And someone as beautiful as she is allllllll to myself. All I'm going to tell you is that she's funny, ADORABLE, cute, beautiful, sexy. Her voice is amazing, and velvety. Her lips remind me of candy. And well.. she's just beyond amazing. Go figure. :)

So the album is been out for a bit NOW. How cool?I'm SO excited! :) And STAY will be released sometime next month! I'm stoked!!

We Are The World was released yesterday too!! So WOOOO!!! I sang Billy Joel's part, how awesome? Billy Joel's like one of the best singers, and best talents ever. And of course the song was written by none other than Michael Jackson, what a BRILLIANT man he was. He was truly one of a kind. He had a heart of gold. I'm so proud that I was part of such a master piece.

ANYWAYS someone here is telling me to hurry up >.> So I'll make this short and sweet I guess.

I love my fans, I love my life, I love who's in it, I love what I'm doing.


OHH and P.S. I love you


  1. awww. All I really have to say to this blog is this: :)

  2. You have got it bad ;).I'm so happy that your happy.Happy Valentine's Day.

  3. So glad to hear that you're happy! You enjoy the times when you get to be lazy, cuz it's not often!

    Hope you have a spectacular Valentine's day with your special someone.


  4. Happy Valentines Day! Hope you enjoy this day with you special someone, did you finally get her a gift!? :)

  5. aww, NIIIICK.
    i'm smiling ear to ear right now cause i'm hella happy for you, even tho i have no clue of who this girl might be, and i'm kinda jealous (JK!) buuut i'm happy for you.
    i really really wish you could reply to thiiiiisss but if u can't then i will just say happy valentines day and i'm way too glad that you took the advice and just chilled and relaxed.

  6. yes daaaang she is luckyyyy! and you deserve her :)

  7. just this: :D

    Ps. I love you too. haha

  8. Hi Nick!
    How 're u?
    I hope you're fine!
    Awww...I'm so happy for you and
    a lucky girl..!!!!
    I love it when you described it to her!
    she is very lucky!
    like you to find the love!
    I really am very very happy for you!
    Follow me!
    you're so cool...!!!
    Kisses & Hugs!
    God Bless you!


  9. PS:Care with your fans can get very jealous!