Monday, June 7, 2010

Hi there

Well, twitlonger isn't working so might as well just update this thing. I haven't in forever! Haha.
So I just got back from rehearsing, I am WIPED. So tired, my voice is a little strained, but it IS a lot of fun being here. Definitely refreshing being back on broadway. Knowing that I get to do what I said I would do in the long run. It came sooner than I ever expected it so I'm excited.

Anywho! regarding the rumors about Nicole or Courtney or any girlfriend that seem to be roaming around. Not dating! I'm single, and I'm happy! It's all cool between them and I, they're great friends, and I honestly don't have the time to date someone with the hectic schedule I have. It's really hard to keep in touch with some friends as it is, and definitely a relationship isn't what I need at the moment. I'm content doing what I do, and expressing myself in music, going back on broadway, etc. Hopefully one day I'll get to settle down and really look forward to my romantic life. As of NOW, I am happy where I stand with all my friends and in my life. So sorry to disappoint, but I am honestly not dating and am not interesting in dating either.

As you all know this month, the 16th I met someone special. You alreay know who it is, obviously, and well some of you seem to be really freaking out about it lately. Yes this month is very important and I'm looking forward to picking up the phone and calling Miley that day so we can talk about those days. I'm big when it comes to staying friends with people I've dated before. If I've found myself attracted or romantically linked to someone, I can't just let it go, because we had a connection for a reason. And, obviously, Miley and I have a lot of history. Something I'm not willing to let go of that easily. Regarding the ''7 Things'' of last time, you know what whatever negative emotion she has whether its towards me, her boyfriend, her best friend, she needs to let it out. And if that anger was towards me, then, I can't honestly call her out on something like that. Like me, Miley's way of expressing herself is through music. When you perform is when you should let out all those feelings. Changing lyrics, cursing, however that might be, that's cool with me. Just stop blowing things out of proportion. Now whether it had an effect on me or anything. SHE knows if it did or not. I am very well aware of when Miley is mad at me, she's very open when it comes to that. She's honestly a great girl, and still means the world to me. And I am not going to let go of a friendship because of some feelings she might have sometimes, and some feelings I might have sometimes, whether they're good or bad. We're all humans and we all need an outlet and for us that's what music is. So that was regarding ALL your questions about that performance. I love Miley to death, we dated, we moved on, and now we are where we are. I'm happy that SHE'S happy with someone, and she's with her best friends and she's doing what she loves. So NO I didn't reject her before. YES, I am fully aware that she did say Full Circle was about me. Yes, I know a LOT of things that all of you don't know. So please STOP assuming that you know what we feel, what we say, what our relationship is. And for those bothered about my constant ''She's a friend now, and that's whats important'' its the TRUTH, she is a friend now an that IS what's importnat. I'm sorry if you don't like the way it IS now, but it is NOT up to you how I feel, or how she feels. Thank you.

With that said, please ask some more interesting questions on formspring. Not trying to be mean, but all of that stuff is really besides the point. None of you KNOW what exactly goes on with my life. I'm here being honest with you, and telling you that there is NO point in trying to figure out someone elses' life. I think everyone deserves privacy. At least a smidge of it. Just because I do answer some personal questions on formspring, doesn't mean that I'm completely comfortable with it. So, again, respect that privacy whethere you're ansty to know. That's something you shouldn't really care about. It's invading my privacy, Nicole's, Liam's, Selena's, Miley's an whoever else you ask about. And I AM going to tell you this, I am NOT letting other people's business out. What's going on in THEIR lives it is NOT my business. So, keep that in mind.

God bless,
Nick Jonas

P.S. ''No one's more blind than who doesn't want to see, and no one's more deaf than who doesn't want to listen.''


  1. Just read your post and I agree with everything you say. Your relationship is non of our business to be asking about. If you want to share that info than that's cool. Just because your seen with someone doesn't mean your dating them. Hope everythings going good for you and the rehersals aren't kicking your butt to much. Wish I could see the show, but its just to far away.

    I will post some questions on formspring as soon as I can, well goodnight in London, its only 5 here.

    xo Katy

  2. Do you know how refreshing it is to hear someone say they are doing NOW the very things they have always wanted to be doing?! And that it came sooner than you ever thought. Seriously! That is beyond incredible.

    I started watching Les Miserables (not quite done yet), but the storyline seems really involved & complex. The sets and costumes remind me of Pirates of the Caribbean! And that girl Camilla Kerslake who is playing Cosette for the show--what a stunning voice! I watched a few YouTube videos of hers and she's got quite the range!

    So about the you get to wear the full time-period attire? (leggings & all? Hahaha) I've never had to wear a whole outfit from another era, but I could only guess that it'd make you feel all the more like you've been caught back in time.

    ....It's when you start having dreams at night about being your character--and then you wake up asking for your breafast with an English accent--that you'll smile & know like you know it's gone to your head!

    ...oh, and don't we all wish we could just burst out one of those long, witty & eloquent speeches about life (that are so often found in the classic British literature pieces) at just the right moment? Ahh, it'd be AMAZING! (If only it was socially normal! Hahaha)

    Well I do hope you have a relaxing night's sleep. It's funny how it's mid-day here, and so much later elsewhere, but such is the way of a round world, I suppose. (ok, that last sentance sounded like it was an attempt at being philisophical, but in just came out that way and made me bust up laughing).

    P.S. This is your thousandth reminder to go to Twinings Tea Shop for me. (you might truly like it).

    Peace out.
    -Lainey Douglass

  3. well nick what can I say u should deff be so uncomfortable about this situation n I deff get U believe me I do... I ¿'ve tell u this before... NO ONE ELSE CARES MORE N NEEDS TO KNOW BOUT UR LIFE THAT URSELF.. this niley, nelena, miam, n wutever are fan stuff...they're cute though but sometimes get outta control... believe what I care bout U is knowing U're happy u're rocking with ur life n stuff I don't care anything else but that I'm glad u're happy n great doing all the broadway thing...

    Happy u were able to met with miles, n so many things I'm happy for you...your personal life...IT'S LIKE THAT PERSONAL...I mean I would love to be one of ur more closest friends who don't but it's nothing possible not for now cause u don't know who to trust of ur fans u don't know who will keep ur privacy or don't as what concerns about me don't worry bout it...not as fan but as a human being I get u so it's ok...

    Hope u're having fun but I'm sure u do ILY thanks for doing this update on the blog...n hope to know bout u soon... NOT FOR THIS SORT OF THINGS THOUGH but for good n cooler stuff ILY once again =)

    Take care



  4. Dear Nick,

    First of all, I am so happy for you for the opportunity to do Les Mis. Again. That is so awesome and I wish I had the chance to see it. I have always wanted to go and I am sure you will be great.

    Second, when I do ask questions on formspring, I try to make them interesting and not about relationships. I'm NOT gonna lie and say one hasn't slipped in once or twice, because that wouldnt be honest. But I like to try to ask different stuff.

    Three, I want to thank you. Why? For allowing us this glimpse into your life that most people obviously don't get to see. Most fans I mean. You have shown us that you are funny, not perfect - oh my gosh! Alert the press! he makes mistakes - and most of all, you have shown yourself to be FAR more open than I think people would suspect. You truly have a great heart Nick. I mean that from the bottom of my toes. haha. You are a special person, clearly, with a purpose. I envy that about you - not in a jealous way, but in an "I'm happy for you" way. I hope to find my purpose too.

    As far as the relationship stuff, no matter what ANYBODY on here says, there will always be people who will be interested. I'm not sure exactly why, tbh. Maybe it's curiosity, or envy, or I'm not sure what. I guess people want to feel like they know you better. I don't really know. But I admire how you handle yourself and you go about your business.That you never throw people under the bus. I admire your always wanting to be friends with your ex. I am not being sarcastic when I say I wish you would write a blog about that sometime, because even though that is something I strive for in my own life, I definitely fall short.

    All I have ever really wanted for the two of you ( you and miley ) ultimately is happiness and peace with each other, in whatever form, so I hope you two always manage to achieve that, and I do believe that you always will. As far as the rest of it, just be true to your heart and you will be fine. Always listen to your heart.

    Haha. June 11th dude. :) the ELEVENTH. If you call on the 16th, you might be kissing that friendship goodbye. HAHA. just kidding. I hope you know I'm being funny.

    Seriously though, on behalf of everybody who's ever been rude to you or hurt you, or butt in on your life, I'm sorry. :( You don't deserve that. Nobody does. Thanks for showing us the good person you are, even one who makes mistakes. Join the club. :)


  5. I'm not even gonna comment on the whole Nicole/Coutney/Miley/Liam/Selena thing. I think is not worth it, it's YOUR LIFE, your space, your relationships, weather it's friendship, acquaintances, love, whatever it its, its yours and not ours or some of "your fans" (the one's who give us real fans a bad name) to comment, gossip, criticize, or make fun about.
    Congrats on fulfilling your childhood dream of being Marius in Les Miserables, you are having such a great opportunity, and I know you will keep this experience close to your heart forever. It is so amazing to me that at this age you are getting so many great experiences, I'm just sorry that sometimes this also brings you some frustration, heartache and anger. Know that you are an inspiration to many people, that you are very much loved, and may God clear your path of situations that make you feel bad. God bless, and lots of love

  6. BIG UPs to you nick!!! i said before you seem like an awesome friend to
    have,and you have such a BIG heart,and it's so refreshing to see how you handle yourself in tough situations.Well as far as what you wrote->
    People who can't respect who your friendships/relationships are with,aren't true fans.
    The fact that you have to keep telling others the same things over+over again,with
    no change,means they don't respect you as a person,or your feelings,which is a shame.
    What you have with M.C is your business.I just appreciate what you two have,which
    is obvioulsly something very strong,and the fact that you are both just as close after
    about 4yrs,says ALOT about your loyalties,regardless of what ups+downs you had in the past...(or even now)

    You guys are BEST friends,and of course are going to share everything with each other,and the fact that some people can't see that,well,they don't know what TRUE friendships are about.

    As far as your relationship goes,i mean your only 17yrs old,and we only live once,so
    it's good to focus on your dreams and passions,and if you were to meet that special
    someone later,or whenever,you'd have atleast accomplished alot in your life,and then you
    can atleast focus abit more on that special person,in a way ;)

    (ummm...sorry,i'm babbaling on+on again =/)

    Before i go,i have to say,once again-
    Congrads on your Broadway show,your so lucky to have gotten this oportunity,as you said.

    Take Care

  7. God people are so effing annoying! You're right. They need to stop assuming things about your life and start living their own. You're just as human as they are with the same emotions. They just need to realize that more. With that said, you're a great person nick. I wish u sooo much luck with les mis and on the tourthis summer! I'll be there when u come to nor cal! Can't wait :)
    Xoxo, paige