Friday, June 11, 2010

June 11th, 2006

Hey guys, this seemed like an important date for me to update the blog.
Today five years ago was the day that I met someone special to me that will always have a special space in my heart. I know in the past we've had so many rough patches, bumpy roads, and we've been hurtful to each other. But at the end of the day this person and I have one of the best relationships and I wouldn't change what we have NOW for anything. Everything we went through came down to a great friendship and whatever that has in the future. We're friends now, and that's what's important to me, and hopefully to her.

She gave you her side of the story on the day we met. So I might as well and give you a little glimps of what I was thinking that day as well:

June 09, 2006. I was sitting in my living room in New Jersey watching switching the channels on the TV, it had landed on a Disney Channel show called: Hannah Montana. The girl on it had struck me, I thought she was the most beautiful I had ever landed eyes on. I had my mind set on meeting her. That day we had an interview, they asked us all who our celebrity crush was. I had answered honestly and said that it was Miley Cyrus. I didn't know her and I didn't think I was going to meet her, so I figured I'd be honest on that one, right?
June 11th, 2006. Me and my brothers had been invited a few days ago to perform in a benefit for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. I had told a friend of ours that I thought she was really pretty, and turned out he knew her personally and I was also informed that she was at this event. My friend told us where she was and I walked up to her with all of my friends to say hi and introduce myself. She was a lot more beautiful in person than I expected. Her eyes were a big plus. I had never seen eyes like those before. I was going to shake her hand when she stopped me said ''I don't do handshakes, I do hugs''. When we hugged she blurted out ''I hate your shirt!'' which really surprised me, I didn't know what to say to that so I just chuckled at her boldness.

That same day after we've all talked for a little while she asked me to karaoke with her and she put us down for ''I wan'na Be Like You'' from the jungle book. I was feeling a little awkward and taken a-back.My brothers and I had to go, so I wasn't able to make it to sing with her. I felt kind of guilty, but at the same time relieved that I didn't had to sing that song, although I was told that she looked quite comical singing it.

I really wanted to make up to her not being able to sing with her, and leaving her alone to make a dork of herself on her own. My brothers and I agreed to invite her out , I was SO nervous it was ridiculous. I remember sweating and everything. I called her up and asked her out and she agreed to come along. When I saw her she was wearing sweats, she looked really cute in those too. I loved how real she was, and her accent was a huge plus to me. Her accent was one of the most adorable things ever. The dinner was fun. She was a vegetarian so she ate a salad while I ate this huge steak. I remember the conversation, ''how can you eat that?!'' she was looking at me funny and I laughed and said ''Why? it's delicious.'' and she scoffed and said ''Those are living creatures. It's a poor cow!'' and Joe butted in and was like ''WAS living, now it's about to be devoured by the little one.'' I remember her horrified expression. It was really funny.

After dinner, I called her up and we talked for hours on end. We talked about our beliefs turned out we were both hard-core Christians. We talked about each other and what we liked, what we disliked. It was a refreshing talk to each other. We were already best friends then and it was amazing. I felt like I already knew her from head to toes. We were on the phone until 4 in the morning. I knew I was already falling in love with this southern gal. I felt like I was the luckiest guy in the world.

That night I went to sleep with a big smile on my face. I hung up and went to sleep thinking about her eyes. I've always thought she had the prettiest eyes I've ever seen in my life. I was smiling from ear to ear. I fell asleep, and the next morning I had woken up with the same sappy smile on my face. My brother's were happy for me, they liked her a lot. They thought she was a lot of fun to have around and really funny.

What really bummed me out was that she lived in California and I lived in New Jersey. We'd talk mainly on the phone or by IM's and text message. Though, I loved phone better so I could hear her voice and her cute accent. I'd fly out to see her and spend most of my time in California with her.

A few months after, we moved to Los Angeles and we became neighbours, it was so amazing. I was neightbors, and I kept falling harder and harder for her. She seemed to get more beautiful with everyday, more amazing with everyday. We'd sneak out at midnight to each other's house. Or everyday at 5a.m. I'd ask her to come see me before she left to work. Man, was she perfect. She was exactly what I'd looked for in a girl. Funny, smart, pretty eyes, pretty smile, and just beautiful all together.

I'd go over to her house and play sports or video games, or she'd come over to my house and we'd talk for hours in my room. We'd talk about everything and anything or sometimes we'd lay down in silence. That makes me remember our first kiss. I was sitting down by the side of my bed on the floor, my back against the side of it. She was sitting in front of me, indian style. We were sitting down pondering what to do next and I leaned down and pressed my lips against hers. I was freaking out inside, I didn't know if I had done it right, if she liked it. I was so nervous I thought I missed her lips. But I felt her kissed back and every doubt in my mind slipped away. The butterflies in my stomach wouldn't stop, and my heart was beating so fast that it was hurting my rib cage. We pulled away and we smiled shyly to each other before kissing again. That was a perfect first kiss to me.

She loved riding her bike, while she ride her biked I'd walk beside her singing ''My Girl'' by temptation, but instead of ''My Girl'' I'd say ''Miley''. And she'd chuckle and stop randomly riding her bike to peck me on the cheek or my lips. We'd stop at Pinkberry and get a nice frozen yogurt. That was our place, we'd always go there to get a frozen yogurt. We'd hold hands and I'd open the door for her before entering a place. Mom's always taught me to be a gentleman, and that women should be treated with the respect and like queens. So I always treated her like a queen and with all my respect. Then we'd go to my house and always have some kind of Italian food. Miley loved the food that my cooked. So everynight she'd come over and have dinner with us.

We'd write many songs about each other, she'd call me all the time and tell me that she wrote a new song about me and I'd call her and tell her the same. It was kind of a back and forth thing. She told me most her songs on ''Meet Miley Cyrus'' where for me and about me. It was such an amazing feeling having someone like that, that would always let me know she's thinking of me or that I'm her inspiration for a song. She used to call me ''Sweet inspiration''

Like every relationship we had our fights and discussions. We weren't perfect, but that's what made it all the more perfect. You know? What's a relationship without some disagreetments? We weren't perfect at all, but we were perfect to each other dispite our imperfections. We'd fight, we'd laugh, we'd discuss, we'd talk. It was all good.

We decided that we needed a break. Both of us. I was so scared because I thought she wouldn't want me back after it. I really needed her to know that she was still everything to me. I wanted her to always know that. It was the worst feeling in the world. I wrote many songs trying to get mind off it, I wrote ''SOS'' but then I re-wrote a part of ''When You Look Me In The Eyes'' for her. That song was written before I met her, but I re-arranged some of the lyrics thinking of her. I wrote so many songs about her, like ''Hello Beautiful'' when I was back in New Jersey or ''Inseparable'' after the first ''break'' all songs for her.

We went on tour together, and at Egg Roll we saw each other again.. I looked her in the eyes, and there was a pull in my heart that was telling me we were, once again, together. I smiled at her and she smiled back at me. My heart fluttered, and I couldn't wait to hold her again. We knew we were just right for one another.

We broke up December 19th, 2007. It was an awful day for both of us. My heart was broken, shattered in little pieces and I felt like no one understood me. Like no one would ever understand what was it like to be heart broken. It was my fault though, I'd let her go. I'd broken her heart, and broken my own along the way. I sat in my room writing pages, and pages of songs. One of them called ''Sorry'', I've never been that sorry in my life. Sorry for myself, sorry that I've hurt her. Sorry that I'd broken her heart. When the tour ended, I was not myself. I felt like I wasn't myself for a long time.

Last time I saw her was at the New Years event were we performed a song together. We hugged, and it was kind of an awkward hug. But I got goosebomps, it was so warm, and that hugged meant the world to me. We had to let go though, and that's what we did.

A few months later, I heard a song called ''7 Things'' I knew instantly who it was about. The video, the song, everything gave it away. It stung everywhere. I didn't know how to react to it, but I recorded ''Sorry'' and ''Can't Have You'' hoping she'd know that I never meant to hurt her, that she still meant everything to me.

We didn't talk for a long time after that. I went on tours, as she did her own thing. She started seeing other people, and I tried seeing other people, too. I was just too busy to focus on another girl while I still healed. My brother's where a big help, they helped me through the toughest times. And I will always be thankful that they were so supportive and helpful. But I hate that I was never there when she probably needed me the most.

2009 I got a call saying that I had to record a song for the Friends For Change project. A song called ''Send it On'' I was to record a duet with Miley. We saw each other again and we talked, and got rid of every bad ''vibe'' we had with each other. I showed her a song I had written called ''Before The Storm'' she loved it. We sat at the piano, and changed some of the lyrics to fit it more as our story. We've never had done that before, just sitting down and writing a song together. Letting all those old feelings out, forgiving each other. We cried together, we sang, we did music.

The next day I showed it to my brothers and they loved it. We agreed to put it in our next album. Miley recorded the song with us. We were, and still are so proud of that song. Our story is different than anyone elses. We've always been more deep than other people. And I'm glad that I met her. She changed my life. She always brought the best out of me. And as of to this day she still brings the best person that there's in me when she talks to me and I'm so blessed to have someone like Miley in my life. And that's what makes our friendship so different and at times more romantic than others.

So I want to thank Miley for everything that she's done for me. I've never had someone give a such a positive twist in my life and brought so many emotions out of me everytime we talk. Thank you for being such a good friend, and such an inspiration for me. You'll always hold a special piece of my heart. God bless you, and I love you.

Well, that was my side of the story. That was what I felt, and what I feel. It's not easy for me to just come out and let my feelings out like that but in this important date I owe it to myself, and to our story. Our story will never be easy to understand. We're unique. I have one of the best friends ever now. Thank you for giving me such a beautiful story to be proud of.

Nick J

P.S. ''With every strike of lightning comes a memory that lasts''


  1. Oh Nick that is the sweetest story. Thank you for sharing.

  2. uhmm whoa, right now i feel like awkward but happy at the same time, we all remember our first love, and i think it's like, part of our souls and our hearts and that memories will be there forever it doesn't matter how much time will pass, it's gonna be there always and for some people isn't a beautiful experience, maybe it's a sad one, like mine, but when i remember it i feel really good with myself because i know it showed me how to get throught tha kind of moments and its part of a experience i will always have on my mind and my heart.

    i admire you so much. thanks for sharing that precious experience.
    sorry for my english i'm from venezuela.
    we really miss jb in our country.

  3. Ok this is going to sound lame but that totally made me cry. Its so beautiful how you 2 can care so much about each other then and still the same amount now. Even though you guys are no longer together I am still a fan of you 2. Happy Nick and Miley Day!

    P.S. Im not one of those crazy niley fans that takes every little thing one of you guys does and makes it into news. Just so you know.

  4. WOW thankyou for sharing that it was heart touching! i hope you and Miley are happy now. you two have really been through so much i hadnt realised. I suppose i wasn't really paying attention. haha have a good day and thankyou

  5. okay so I have decided that you should write a book..
    I couldnt stop reading this once i started! lol
    Thankyou for giving us an opportunity to hear abit about your life. Your amazing - stay that way :)

  6. I can only imagine what kind of courage it took to put something this honest and open out there for the eyes of all--knowing that few, if any, could truly understand and treasure what is so obviously dear to your heart.

    It's truly amazing to hear the backstory to several of the songs that you've performed. So often songs are simply considered to be a product of
    musical arrangements & lyrics that center around "popular themes" of the target audience---when in reality, (as shown by your story here), they are the genuine biproduct of very real life experiences. You opened my eyes to be reminded of that. Thank you, Nick.

    I'm sure you're already asleep by now, so I pray that your dreams are exciting, and that your tomorrow is a truly blessed one.

    Alaina Douglass

  7. wow nick. that was one of the sweetest things i've ever read. you are such an honest, loyal, and loving person. and that shows through your writing. you have so much courage to express those feelings and acceptance of what has happened in the past between you. I'm all about living in the now, and i think your doing an amazing job. even though there were a lot of hard moments in the past, the important thing is that youre best friends right now. never let that's too special.
    i hope youre happy about the relationship between the two of you now because i am sure it is so special...and i'm sure people would kill to have a bond with someone like you do. anyone would be privileged to know someone like Miley...or you!
    take care nick.
    xoxo Paige

    ps, any girl would be so lucky to have you. i mean that 100% ;)

  8. Thanks Nick for's soo sweet of u!!!thanks once totally made me cry
    with Love, Camilla

  9. that's prob. one of the most touching stories i've ever read.The fact that you can be that honest with us,means you trust us with how you feel,and what you went through,and that's awesome.Thank you!!.What you and miley have is what i call an 'eternal friendship',you will be in each others lives forever,i see that now more than ever,and you are BOTH lucky to have each other.

    ps-are both amazing people,i hope you know that...(and a hopeless romantic,i see ;)

    here's a quote i'd like to share with you-
    "Life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances,losing and finding happiness,cherishing memories and learning from the past" (that reminds me of what you both have)

    Take Care

  10. That's a beautiful story, I'm so happy that you found each other when you did, and that you are able to have the closeness that you have now through it all. The friendship that you both have is precious, never lose it, for it will be the one thing that you both will be able to count on when the world seems like its crashing down around you. I know you have your brothers to lean on, and Maya, but there's nothing like that person who taught you how to love for the first time to make you see the truth, the joy, the sadness, everything. I know, I have the same relationship with my ex. God bless you both, and congratulations :)

  11. That was so touching, i can't even begin to tell you how touching that was. Literally had me crying. The way you wrote your story, you had us all right there with you. Not only was the story itself beautiful, but how you wrote it. As someone who likes to write, I was really impressed.

    After reading it, I also had to shake my head about something. You have this reputation of being kinda quiet and not sharing much, but yet look at this! I honestly feel honored that you shared this with us. I understand how difficult that may have been for you, but you did a great job of letting us in and saying how you felt. Thank you so much for sharing that. Truly.

    It's also funny to think how you had just flipped through channels and was crushing on her and then you met her and actually got to be with her. It's amazing how life works out, isn't it?

    Your story is beautiful, charming, endearing, sweet, sad, muddled, hopeful and eternal. Now matter how it goes, I really think it will go on ( Holy. that sounds like that Titanic song. hahaha. Sorry.)

    I am happy for you for all the joy your relationship has brought you, and sad for all the sadness you have felt. The same goes for Miley. In the chance she reads this, I feel the same way for her.

    Thank you again for sharing this. You're a very special person.

    What a precious story.

    Oh and PS, now I've got the flipping Celine Dion Titanic song in my head!


  12. btw.... LOVING the new blog layout.It's super cool.I love blue+black too =]

  13. HA! Forgot to say, I just knew even before reading this that you opened doors for her. hmph. :P

    For what it's worth..... :)

  14. Soo sweet! You two are like made for each other. It is amazing that you're still friends and I wish you guys all the best! :)

  15. While I have never heard Miley's side, it's nice to at least know yours. Fascinating story. I'm sorry you had your heart broken, but I'm glad you still kept your friend.

  16. I just...loved it.. and cry with it...ur history it's so magical n so perfect I really hope u guys to be friends for the rest of ur life n if the destiny wants it so u get back someday again...ILY nick thanks for making possible getting into ur mind n ur heart like this I really appreciate this

  17. that was beautiful :(
    welled up a little with the sheer love in the story, now listening to Before the Storm, which btw is one of my favourite songs :)
    that was a massive insight into your life and i am touched that you chose to share that with us.
    like i said, before the storm is a favourite, as is Sorry and 7 things. this story has given us so much amazing music and for that i thank you massively.

  18. WOW!!!! That was very inspiring Nick. Thanks for sharing. God Bless.